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Thread: Chapter 8.48: The Broken Anchor

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    "I want to be there for that conversation if possible."
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Rian says, "Do we have a long term plan beyond clearing the road from Xanthar to Alliance? I've heard discussions of going to the Etoile Forest. I'm in favor of that considering my half-sister, Leressa, grew up there and forged her power at the Tower. Hker and Isrina built that damn tower to Hiddukel. For me it would be good to cleanse my soul of that part of my past."

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    "I'm going to be checking around with some Sendings while we wait for the scouting report," Vort interjects. "Maybe I'll find something noteworthy."

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    "It is premature to discuss plans so far in the future," says Kalthanar. "We clear the road to Alliance and then take measure of our options."

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