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    These look much better in CC3 than as JPGs. I'm going to continue to work to improve these, but for now, here is what you're looking at. Sorry if they are an eye chart.

    2 day radius map:

    City of Alliance:

    Larger scale map of surrounding kingdom:

    On this last map, each hex is about 25 miles from end to end. On horseback you can realistically go 1.5 hexes per day in fairly ideal conditions (dry, road, no rough terrain). It goes down the harder the conditions get and such.
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    Figuring out how to increase resolution on these. The city map is no longer quite an eye chart.

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    Kedrick's Grove is here. I may add more detail later, but here is enough to go on.
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    Another map is up. The road is faintly visible on the left side of the map. This map is roughly 1 mile wide by a little less tall. Your characters are on the bottom left pulled off the road. The burial mound is in the upper right.

    It's fairly flat here, and trees are sporadic as shown. There are patches of tall grass/weeds as shown.

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    Crude map of Xanthar. The Changing Winds has three temples of it's own inside it (Chislev, Habbakuk, and Zeboim), as does the Tower (Solinari, Lunitari, Nuitari).

    This is the largest known city on Therris.
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