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Thread: Chapter 8.48: The Broken Anchor

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    Default Chapter 8.48: The Broken Anchor

    Later that evening the Sentinels reconvene for dinner at the Broken Anchor. Alyssa, Ult, and Velkyn join the group, with Silvart purchasing concealing cloaks and clothes earlier in the day on their behalf at the market place. The Broken Anchor could be best described as a local hole in the wall. The building itself doesn't look like much, and most of the twenty tables had seen better days, but the ale was good, and it had very good food, albeit with a limited selection. Pigs in a blanket was a specialty, as well as a grilled swordfish. Lobster tails, a delicacy in most area of Therris, were readily available and inexpensive here. Fried potates and cornbread were served with every meal, and there was an endless supply of peanuts.

    The group is discussing their daily activities when a comely lad walked into the bar. Silvart, who was splitting her time between waiting tables and spending time with Brandon, paused when she saw him. She comments, "He's an apprentice from the tower like me." The boy sees her and walks over to the group. Finding Vort, he hands him a sealed letter. Silvart notes the seal belongs to Kyricus.

    Unfolding the letter, Vort reads to himself:

    I did more research on Shrena, whom you claim was the daughter of Predzar. I cannot confirm the connection, and I can confirm the Shrena is dead. She did have at least one daughter though, who may be still alive. Our records would have her at around 80 years old or so now, if she's alive. Her name was Isrina, but that is all that I could find.


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    "Hmm," Vort hums and nods, then puts the letter away. Looking to the comely boy messenger, he tosses him a gold piece and says, "Tell him thanks, much appreciated."

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    Brandon was torn. On the one hand, he wanted to act cool and try to impress Silvart in hopes that he might get to put his pig in her blanket. On the other hand, he wanted to stuff his face with the lobster tails, fried potatoes, and grilled swordfish. He enjoyed the ale and the view as he watched her wait on the different tables. Finally, he turns to the Sentinels and says, “I suppose since we are staying here for a week while we wait for the scouting report, Vort should send a message to Grela and let her know our plans.”

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    Vortigern always thought it a bit odd that Brandon talked about him in the third person, as if he wasn't even there. Maybe the cleric of Reorx had hit a raw nerve when he asked if he was evil--which Vort still thought he was, otherwise, there was no other reason to dislike Vort, for surely, any one of good demeanor would like Vort, unless he was evil or an elf. "Say, we taking just the four days for some downtime while we wait on the report, or five? I can get something else accomplished in five I think, four not so much."

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    Rian says, "What did you find out about the road to Alliance. Quaid, the owner of More Than Gloves, told me goods are being stolen and it's been impossible to recover them." The half-elf smiled at the thought of more fighting, "It doesn't look like the road will be open unless we're the primary movers and shakers of such a plan."
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    “I think we will need to take the lead on purging the fort of enemies,” states Kalthanar.

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    "When it comes down to it," Vort says matter of factly, "what we find out from the scouting report will determine how we plan our attack. I'm not dying to take some fort so I can be partners or something like that. I'm interested in clearing the way for Alliance to prosper once more and if that means burning the fort to the ground, then so be it."

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    "If we are getting the report in 4-5 days, Surely that is enough time to contact someone in Alliance, if you are willing to do the messages Vort, who could bring a force to bear from the other side at the same time? It doesn't have to be a huge force. But they could be co-ordinated to begin a siege, or act as a distraction, allowing the forces from this side to attack, splitting those defending within the fort."
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    “I considered the possibility,” states Kalthanar. “We have the halfling soldiers to call upon although I hesitate to risk them in open battle.”

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    Vort nods, "I can talk to Grela and see if it's a doable thing." Off the top of his head Vort tries to figure out where the Alliance group would be if they left tomorrow, if they could even help support the task at hand. He raises his hand and starts counting, "1, 2, subtract 1, add 3, sausages, no, not sausages. Ugh. Good lord Reorx, grant me Guidance!"

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollsurvival roll to see how long it would take an Alliance group to get to the fort - (1d20+5+1d4) (18) (4) [27]

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