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Thread: Hello and trying to figure out to play dnd 3.5 on phone.

  1. Default Hello and trying to figure out to play dnd 3.5 on phone.

    Hello I am Samaron. History of rollplaying games I have played are mainly dnd 3.5, mildly 4th edition but havnt touch it since 2012 and bit of pathfinder. I am here because looking for a way to play any tabletop rpg on phone with friends of kine. We tried roll20 but they have zero phone support and requires tablet. Tried discord but it didnít work well so search though Reddit and someone mentioned this site which is why Iím here now. But what surprised me was when I register at full site on phone and saw the spider I remember this back in 2007. In freshman year of high school and someone I knew was typing stuff on a forum I didnít know and didnít care at the time but did notice the spider Icon. That same friend was the one that got me into dnd 3.5. So now Iím here looking for a way to play with friends with also maybe joining others.

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    Default Hello and trying to figure out to play dnd 3.5 on phone.

    Welcome Samaron.
    This is the place. I use almost explicitly my phone using the Tapatalk App linked to The Tangled Web. I have had few problems with it. Hope you find a game.

    If you are ever looking, Iím constantly adding subplots to my current Pathfinder campaign to help give backstory to the main storyline. Iím also beginning to do an experiment and casting players in long term NPC rolls and even villains. Iíve always wanted to tell more of their side of the story before they encounter the main players. That way they can either give the reader more sympathy or utter disgust and hatred for the villain.

    Iím hoping it will go well and open a whole new door in PPB campaigns. If you donít mind being cast in an already created roll or even the villain and being part of that side of the story, hook me up.

    If you want to take a look what Iíve got so far here is my campaign:

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    On behalf of the staff of TTW (The Tangled Web), welcome, Samaron! You've definitely come to the right place if you're looking to do some roleplaying over the web.

    We have all manner of games that are currently recruiting. You can find them over at the Recruiting Office. It has its own rules, so check them out before you get started. Also, feel free to check out our Site Staff Info & Forum Tools forum, where you can find the site-wide rules, as well as several threads that teach you how to use the various code-related functions of the site, such as rolling dice. Even if you're brand new to this, don't worry. If you see a game in the Recruiting Office that interests you, go ahead and post in its thread to let the GM know that you're interested but you're new to the site. If they are willing to help, they'll definitely say so, and many of the GMs here are kind and helpful. And finally, whenever you feel like it, you can post in the Recruiting Office to recruit players and run your own game, too!

    If you don't find an advertised game that appeals to you right away, have patience. New games are listed all the time. While you wait, you can check out the online rules documents for the types of games you want to play (if they have them). For instance, if you want to play Dungeons & Dragons, check out the SRDs (System Reference Documents) and do some reading. Or if you are interested in trying Pathfinder, visit here or here.

    Keep in mind that we have several different styles of games around here. Play-By-Post (PbP) is a gaming setup in a forum format, wherein people take turns posting their actions and reactions. You also have a variety of Live options, from simple Skype sessions all the way to people who use a virtual tabletop gaming program like MapTool or Roll20. Depending on your preference, you might want to look into those. MapTool in particular has plenty of tutorial videos available from both and YouTube.

    Weíre here to help and support you. If you have any questions or issues with the site, feel free to post them in our Site Questions & Feedback Forum. If youíd like to contact a Staff Member directly, check out the Current Staff List. Give our Member-Created Content a look, if you like. The site also has a decent FAQ available for some common questions. You can also post any questions you may have right here and we'll do our best to answer them.

    TTW uses a Reputation feature. If you come across a person that has posted something you like, you can click on the little starburst icon at the bottom of the post box and add to their Reputation. As a memberís Reputation grows, a green bar will begin to fill up under their username and title. It's a nice way to show that you appreciate someone's time and effort.

    Again, welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay, and happy gaming!


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