Hello I am Samaron. History of rollplaying games I have played are mainly dnd 3.5, mildly 4th edition but havnt touch it since 2012 and bit of pathfinder. I am here because looking for a way to play any tabletop rpg on phone with friends of kine. We tried roll20 but they have zero phone support and requires tablet. Tried discord but it didnít work well so search though Reddit and someone mentioned this site which is why Iím here now. But what surprised me was when I register at full site on phone and saw the spider I remember this back in 2007. In freshman year of high school and someone I knew was typing stuff on a forum I didnít know and didnít care at the time but did notice the spider Icon. That same friend was the one that got me into dnd 3.5. So now Iím here looking for a way to play with friends with also maybe joining others.