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Thread: Mission: The crucible.

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    Oparal didn't trust this creature that appeared such that Elsa recognized it as something familiar.

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    Tarrah thinks back to the extremely truncated briefing Synn had given her before she got warped in. "Events have weight. Extremely emotional events affect planar barriers. Even more so with magic, especially divine magic."

    Our Archons and their funtime murder barge is likely the divine magic source. Is this our emotional event? A traumatic separation or death - or something even worse? There has to be a reason he's here, of all places, not appearing to her in the library or something.
    "Elsa . . . and Mr. Tarolandashe. I know this is an extremely emotional time for you both, but we're in a basement full of angry zombies and even angrier Archons, and I would like to repay your daughter's kindness by not letting her die here. What can you tell me about why you're down here, and not in the outer planes? Would you have happened to notice any . . . abnormality of some kind in the ethereal plane? Or experience some kind of deep trauma or strong emotion recently? There's something wrong with the planes, and if we don't solve it we, and a lot of innocent people, will die."

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    Elsa bit her lip and willed herself to composure. Illusions, time to believe again. Taking a slow breath she opened her eyes, "You're... you're right... Tarrah." her voice quavered for a moment before taking on the crystal clear characteristic of her happier days. "Thank you Papa... I've become a Magician, studying the books and tricks you left behind. I... wanted to be great like you, I... ." Elsa revealed her wand for the specter, the black wood wand sported a white tip and once belonged to her father. "I thought your old wand would lead me to you, I guess... it has..." Clearing her throat one more time, Elsa put away her burning questions. Now was not a time for reunions. "There is so very much more I want to say, but... Tarrah is right. We have little time. What... what happened here? Why aren't you are rest?" Elsa swallowed the largest lump in her throat she'd ever felt, she couldn't let the door to all of her questions burst open. Time to lock and bar. Magician's control emotions and appearances, they are not controlled by them.

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    "It was the thought of you honey. I lay there, bleeding and choking on my own blood after that demon slashed me in that abyssal palace and I couldn't bear the thought of leaving you behind. I had to stay." the ghost explains. "To be honest it wasn't what I had hoped for. The regret permeated me, became me, I couldn't think about anything else. I wandered lost not really realizing anything. I think I fought and killed, but who? Gods only know. And then a curtain was pulled from my mind and the priestess of Urgathoa commanded me. I can't refuse her, she's got some kind of hold over me. Probably because I'm not alive anymore. She told me to defend this spot from the forces of heaven at all cost. She didn't deign to tell me why. Honestly, I'm happy to help just because the clarity she grants me. You're not the forces she spoke of are you?" he asks slightly worried.
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    Tsu speaks up from the side. "Consider us unaligned with them. We're here to stop the fighting on both sides - if we may pass..." Urgathoa. Of course it is.
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    Default Mission: The crucible.

    "Uncle," Natan interjects, hastily, "we are here because this place has collided in some way with Mysthaven, part of some planar drift of the city itself. It is currently contained, but can't be forever. We need to find the source of the drift and cut it off. Can you help us?"

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    Tarrah bites her lip. Lady Despair. A mortal ascended, a cruel inversion of Irori. With their luck, the priestess is behind the bleed - she was certainly involved in pissing off the Archons. If Mr. Taralondashe was in thrall to her, she would need to ensure he did not become hostile. Unlike her master, Tarrah cannot yet punch ghosts. Unless they could think of an alternative to provide "clarity"...or otherwise break the connection between the Mr. Taralondashe and the priestess.

    "Elsa, you know of any spells that provide a," she pauses, glancing ruefully at Mr. Taralondashe, "recently passed individual clarity or stability? Magic that effects the ethereal plane?"

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