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Thread: {SPOILER} Game of Thrones Discussion {SPOILER}

  1. Default {SPOILER} Game of Thrones Discussion {SPOILER}

    WARNING! This thread contains spoilers regarding the Game of Thrones television series! Read at your own peril!

    Okay, now that the official business is out of the way... feel free to use this thread to discuss the Game of Thrones series.
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    And with that said, how bad ass was episode 3?! I can't remember what season it was, but it feels like it was 5 years ago when Arya first arrived in Braavos and worked her way up from a street urchin (after her fall from nobility) and joined the Faceless Men. I remember telling my wife (who was probably still my girlfriend or fiance at that point) that Arya was going to be a bad ass. I was also very impressed by the actress' acting in the library scene. Other winners for me were Sir Jorah and Beric Dondarrion.

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    I was honestly disappointed with the episode. And this season thus far. Yes there were awesome moments, but you build up for 8 seasons towards this battle. And it was a bit of a let down. Jon was a waste as a tactician. Why meet the dead outside when they don’t have siege weapons? Why didn’t any of the dead stop Arya from charging in on the night king?why have the night king die so easily? Maybe I’m being over critical of it all. And I mean we all knew ahead of time stashing women in the crypts was a HORRIBLE plan. The dude can raise the dead! Saw that massacre coming a mile away.

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    An interesting perspective. I agree that Jon's roll didn't feel "right." I mean, he helped Dani against the Night King and his dragon, but his tactics were questionable. I think part of that was due to the ice storm that the Night King brought with him. Totally ruined their visibility from up above. Then he got separated and had to try and get past the dragon and couldn't which was a tense moment.

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    Yeah I agree with you Hideous. The dragon fight was bad ass, and they were thrown off from the ice storm. I just sat there wondering why not keep the army inside the walls, and just soar around burning everyone, which they were doing anyway. Could have saved those Dothraki from being massacred in 20 seconds lol.

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    The Crypts = saw that a mile off... laughed and thought... well its a good way to get rid of some of the extra mouths to feed...
    Then Sansa went in there and I stopped laughing.... but hey at least she got a dagger!
    Yeah should of at least had a couple of Soldiers in there as well...

    The Dothraki in Dani's eyes were unstoppable.... I guess she assumed they would be undefeated again.... then she screwed the plan by refusing to just let them die.... im sure some of them had some comfort in that fact before getting killed.... the real question is why did the Night King take so long to rez them?

    To be honest ... there were a lot of strange things that could have been better, but overall I enjoyed the episode.... I even didn't mind the one thing most people complained about (the darkness) because it was a night shoot.... of course its going to be dark.... it made you feel like you were in there - ala 3 Eye Raven style.... watching it all....
    I also went into this episode going.... the Night King is going to die.... Death can't win this TV series.... Cersei certainly cannot win this TV series.... So it was more a case of who will live... and who will die.

    Lyanna Mormont was a Boss.... go girl!
    Jorah Mormont ... I actually shed a tear.... it was brave... noble.... and fitting...
    Edd... I think I actually swore at that one.... damn Sam .... he should've gone to the crypts...

    But truly how the F did Greyworm live... when he is usually at the FRONT lol. The man must have balls of steel.... figuratively... of course ... since literally.... snip snip!

    But im happy. For the most part the "gang" we know and have come to love ... or hate.... lived.... Now its gather whatever living still exists and march down in righteous fury to remove Cersei, Euron, and her little gang of what looks like ALL zombie Queensguard... last I looked.... bring on Cleganebowl! (go Sandor!)

    And lets see if they made the Golden Company true to the books... or have fun with it in the TV series... I mean, does Cersei know they were founded on Targaryen bloodlines? Bastard Bloodlines to be sure..... but Fire and Blood and all that.....

    I Predict Epi 4 will be more Kings Landing based, Cersei learning that the North prevailed.... the North regathering... and hopefully burning their dead this time.....

    Epis 5 will be either another epis 2... (will Brienne get her man, or her man get her.... that triangle NEEDS to be resolved!) or the two armies coming into standoff point.... Cersei thinking she is comfy in her Red Keep.

    Epis 6 the battle to win them all.... Who takes the throne.... who lives... who dies..... Or do they destroy the throne and begin something new.
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    Ending sucked IMO. just kinda BS wrap up.

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    if you could change it.. What would you liked to see happening?

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