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Thread: Chapter 8.46: More than Gloves

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    Default Chapter 8.46: More than Gloves

    Rian followed the Sentinels and their guide until he noticed More Than Gloves. The paladin entered the shop and first walked around the shop looking at the armor. The half-elf knew that if he was going to be effective at keeping their attackers at bay he would need good armor.

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    A large behemoth of a man that was over 6 and a half feet tall and well over 300 lb was polishing armor at the edge of the Golden Gauntlet. His skin and features were dark, and he stands up at seeing Rian, clad in armor, approaching. He has short dark hair with a well trimmed mustache and beard, with a slight hint of gray in it. He comes over and greats the half-elf with a nod. He notes the magical shield immediately and is clearly impressed. He offers his hand and introduces himself as Quaid, the local armor smith.

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    Rian shakes Quaid's hand, "I am Rian from Alliance. While this scale mail is magical, I'd really like some armor that provides some more protection."

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    Quaid raises an eyebrow. He says, "Magical scale mail?"

    He looks at Rian's everfrosted shield again and says, "I would have to call in someone to validate the claim but... what are you thinking you want in trade for it?"

    Looking at the walls, it looks like pretty much anything nonmagical is available here. At least various parts of plate mail of various designs and sizes line the back wall of the shop. While Rian doesn't see a complete set, it looks like one could be made. Quaid seems to mostly be displaying key pieces and the skill level involved with each item. Various designs of houses and at least one suit with Shinare's holy symbol are proudly displayed across the various chest pieces.
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    Rian looked carefully at the Splint Mail and the Plate Mail, comparing the relative defensive capabilities of the two armors. As the paladin looked at the armor he said, "What has been the impact of the closing of the road to Alliance?"

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    Quaid eyes Rian oddly and says, "Nothing good coming of it. Don't know exactly what's going on, and if I did, my main buyer is the Golden Gauntlet so you won't catch me saying anything negative about them. I'll say that initially I had a slight spike in business due to the fear of it all, but since then... not so much. I, like most people, lost a shipment of goods going through Alliance, but mine wasn't nearly as bad as most. I was optimistic that the Golden Gauntlet would recover it for me. Posted a reward, which is usually enough to do it. It's been around two months of silence now. A few stores that lost more have closed down. Xanthar is resilient though. We are a wealthy city that can survive on our own. It will be a struggle without Rhagmur ore, Etoile wine, and so forth. But, we'll manage. Surely it can't last long. You're clearly not from around here, and you made it through. Heard a few halflings did as well." The darkskin man shrugged his massive shoulders. If he was overly concerned, he wasn't indicating it.

    Cutting off trade to Xanthar was likely perceived slightly differently than in Alliance since Xanthar was a much larger city with a very established fleet of ships and trained mercenary guild. Plus, one route was cut off - surely a main route, but in Alliance, all four major routes were cut off, adding to the fear factor.
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    Rian nodded his head at the logic presented by Quaid. "My companions, we're known as the Sentinels, will open that path or die trying." The paladin taps the Splint Mail. How long do you think it would take to fit the splint mail for me? Could you perhaps lighten the weight of the mail if you started from scratch with my measurements, making the armor a tighter fit?"

    OOC: I'm thinking perhaps that a more closely measured armor might be lighter but takes an additional round to put on and take off. Of course that's just a thought.

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    Quiad thinks about it for a bit. He says, "I get some unusual requests from time to time. It's rare that I can do much to accommodate, but the difference here is that you already have a set of magical armor. If weight is what concerns you, I may be able to assist you."

    He shows Rian a set of splint armor and peels back joints revealing chain mail underneath. He says, "Chain mail itself is much heavier than scale mail that you wear now. Normally I would not try to use scale mail for joints - it's not sturdy enough. But if yours is magical as you say it is, it may due. I don't think there will be enough of it left to give any magical benefits, but if I use your set as a starting point... it would probably shave probably 10 lb off of the set. Maybe more. I never weighed out the joint material fully. Course, your magical scale mail is gone at that point, with nothing to show for it. With the fitting and custom job, you're probably looking at... probably 200 gold, plus the city tax. Probably take me 3-4 days to customize it. What do you think?"

    OOC: give up your magical scale mail as joint material for splint mail. It would be somewhere between 45-50 lb in weight, but otherwise, normal splint mail. Cost is 200 gold.
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    Rian smiles, "That seems fair. I'll bring the armor and gold by later today."

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    Quaid nods and says, "I'll be here. Let's get the fitting done now if you have time. Business isn't exactly overflowing today."
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