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Thread: Chapter 8.45 Golden Gauntlet

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    Vort was about to say something, but kept it to himself--these pair of doormen were about as fun as a rooster wearing pants. Instead, he broke out a bottle of beer and starting drinking to pass the time while the niceties were being concluded.

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    The lady frowns more at Kalthanar's words. She clearly wasn't in the mood for jokes, and there was nothing good that could come out of discussing threats to the city openly.

    The stick-like priest sized them up for a few seconds and told his companion, "Beka, I'll show these guys in. You can handle greetings for a few, yes?" Beka looks at him for a few moments awkwardly, clearly thinking that he's wasting his time before sighing and wordlessly shrugging.

    Like all clueless males, the male priest apparently read the "do this and you'll pay for it later" sigh as a sign of full approval and motioned the trio to follow him inside. As he walks he comments, "Don't mind Beka. Perhaps you can help. Perhaps you can't. It's not my place to decide, but it's also not our place to discuss delicate business in the open."

    He leads the group in through the main door, into a massive main area with at least a dozen booths waiting to hear grievances from various citizens. Members of the mercenary guild of some sort, sat in semi-private booths listening to details. In one case, two gloved members had beaten someone unconscious and drug him into the building, and looked for visual identification from someone that filed a grievance. The group wondered what happened if they didn't get the right person, but felt at least somewhat relieved that they asked if they got the right person.

    The priest motioned them away from most of the traffic and to a large set of marble steps on their right side. A sign in several languages read "Special services" that pointed up the stairs. As they ascended, the priest said, "I realize your not from around here, but some free advice: if you want help, show the guild respect." His voice is barely a whisper as he adds, "We've lost a ton of men trying to clear that road."

    With that he opens the door to a small room. Inside are two gloved members of the guild, a heavily tattooed dwarf male, and a plump female human. Their placards on their desks listed them as "Captain Galmund Alderfist" and "Lt. Thena Honnilar".

    The priest approaches and salutes both of them in turn by clenching his gloved fist over his heard an bowing respect. He then approaches the dwarf and whispers something to him before quickly bowing to the group and exiting out the back door, leaving the group alone with the the duo.

    The dwarf looks at them for a few minutes and says, "Ethin says you're from Alliance. You clearly ain't from around here. If this is so, how did you safely get here?" He folds his arms across his chest, as if finishing the sentence with an unspoken 'when we can't get through', but he doesn't say it.
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    Kalthanar replies, "We took a magical portal." He points outside, "And it took us to the Tower of High Sorcery. We did not take the road and we are not aware of the threats that prey upon it."

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    Vort replied in dwarvish, "Yup."

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    The tattooed dwarf captain looks at his co-worker and says, "You wouldn't happen to have another one of them magical portals would you?" Seeing the looks on their faces, he says, "Didn't think so."

    He says, "Well, if you aren't from around here, let me tell you a little poorly kept secret at this point. We're in over our heads. We usually get a lot of our trade from scattered isles off the coast. Some a day away. Some over a week. Our members jump at the chance to guard those -there are few pirates, and it's mostly a one week snooze-fest. Till lately. The seas are teeming with shit dredged up from all over. I can't and won't give you numbers, but let's just say that people aren't fighting over those jobs any more. The eastern road to Alliance isn't any better. We've had no luck clearing that either, but we clearly underestimated it early on. Now few want to try something that the guild failed before on."

    He pauses and folds his arms. His female colleague speaks up for the first time. Her voice is demanding. Although she doesn't look like a soldier, she certainly speaks with authority. She says, "What is your interest exactly? If tell you more, are you going to attempt to clear it? Or just study it, like those in the Tower typically do?" She clearly didn't think much of them stating that they were at the Tower, even briefly.

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    "I ain't much of a thinker," Vort says, "I'm a doer and Alliance is my home. I've got family and babies to make there, so I ain't here to study shit."

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    Kalthanar crosses his arms, "We are men of action. We seek to clear the road to Alliance. Anything you can tell us would be appreciated."

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    Brandon, who had remained silent until now, adds, "What specifically did you encounter on the road to Alliance? Are there any survivors we could talk to? Details could help us prepare for our imminent journey home."

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