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Thread: Chapter 8.45 Golden Gauntlet

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    Kalthanar walks into the building that houses the Golden Gauntlet and requests to speak someone familiar with the attacks on caravans heading to Alliance.

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    Vortigern was also in attendance as he wanted to size up these golden gauntlet wankers. "Yeah, I'm good at diplomacy too," the dwarf chimed in.

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    The Golden Gauntlet is a large imposing 3 story tall building that is at least 300 feet square in the middle of the trade district. As the group walks up to the building, signs in various languages direct them to various sides of the building. A middle aged human female soldier in half plate armor and a young, gaunt human male priest of Shinare stand by the signs directing people that can't read to the proper location. Both people standing there proudly wear their yellow gauntlets signifying their membership in what was generally a mercenary guild. All recognize Shinare's medallion around the priests neck, who is the goddess of industry and fair business. Shinare doesn't condemn mercenary work or for that matter slavery, as long as the deal struck is a fair one. Shinare is staunchly opposed to stealing, cheating, and is mostly strongly aligned against Hiddukel the Prince of Lies.

    The group glances at the signs, some of which read, "Theft reporting, Xanthar commissions, trade caravans, delivery commissions, and special services." The two members of the Golden Gauntlet look at Kalthanar, Brandon, and Vorigern as they arrive. The trio tend to stick out in a human dominated area. The priest is the first to reply, "You look lost. If you can't read, we can happily direct you." Although Brandon's robes suggest otherwise, he recalls that Silvart said that some sorcerers and warlocks have risen through the ranks without much formal education. Clearly the priest wasn't giving them much of the benefit of the doubt. Or, the gaunt priest was just so trained to ask that question the he does it routinely now.

    A steady stream of people flow in and out of various areas of the building. Silvart had mentioned that the Golden Gauntlet performed a variety of duties, including police like work at times. Much of this was funded by the tax on buying items here.

  4. Default Chapter 8.45 Golden Gauntlet

    “I read just fine,” Vort says, then to Kal he says, “that sign says whore house, right?”

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    Brandon looks at Vort, “Remind me why you came again?”

    Turning to the priest, Brandon says, “He’s right, though. We aren’t lost. We need to speak to someone about the caravans being attacked on the way to Alliance.”

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    Kalthanar nods, "We are from Alliance. We seek to clear the path to our home."

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    "Yeah, what they both said," Vort chimes in.

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    The soldier lady frowns at Vort's suggestion, while the priest seems to take it more in stride. Neither find the attempt at humor overly amusing, but they are also used to dealing with trying people for hours at a time in this job.

    At hearing Kalthanar's reply, the priest frowns a bit and looks at Kalthanar skeptically. He says, "Alliance? How are you standing here if you're asking for us to clear a path home? Did you fly here?"

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    Default Chapter 8.45 Golden Gauntlet

    Galmund replies, "We have men. Whether they have the skill level needed to do much against something like this is another matter. Most don’t. Those that do will want to be well paid."

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