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Thread: Chapter 8.44 The Minotaur Axe

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    OOC: there is nothing obviously better than a masterwork glaive here, although possibly some equivalent. Keep in mind that Hrothgar can't detect magic, but it is unlikely that anything here is magical.

    Zamkarat's breath is hot and rapid as his race is clearly trained to fight first at the slightest hint of a challenge. Clearly though, Zamkarat has trained himself to overcome his instincts as his breathing slows, as Vortigern notices less hot, steamy breath on the top of his head.

    Zamkarat inspects the shaft of the axe carefully, noting some barely visible colored rings etched near the top near the blade. He traces his massive fingers over it for a few minutes before stating, "I will accept the axe of my people in trade if you tell me the circumstances by which you found it. It intrigues me. I have some battle axes of the best quality, and am willing to negotiate."

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    Seeing his interest in the axe and noting the rings near the top of the blade, Vort says, "Tell me more about this axe and I'll tell you how I earned it's ownership."

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    The minotaur furrows its oddly shaped brow. He snorts, "I don't have days to teach you of our customs of honor and how we track kills of significance on our weapons. Those not bred for battle like us lack the skill to claim the kills and glory that we do in battle."

    He says, "The rings here are only used by Sargonnas followers from Mistmoor. And they are faded badly. A minotaur wouldn't allow his pride to slip away like this. I can barely make out his kills, but he was once a proud warrior, more than capable of handling himself in battle."

    He stares at the dwarf, clear that this was all that he was going to say on the matter.

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    Vort nodded, "That makes sense," he replied. "The minotaur we battled had already been defeated once before. When he attacked us, he was undead. Turned into a zombie and sought to kill us all, but my friends and I prevailed." Patting the handle of the mino axe, "I'm not sure I should part with it, but as you said, I can't use it, and it would merely be a trophy on my wall. Returning it to one of his own kind I think would be the proper way of honoring his past." Patting the axe one more time as if saying goodbye, "The axe is yours, free of charge. You owe me nothing for it." With a smile he continues, "Now, I'd like to look at those battleaxes if you don't mind, the good shit."
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    He looks at the axe and picks it up effortlessly. He takes a few steps to the side and hefts it for a bit, easily slicing the air. Vort notices the minotaur is impressed with the weapon.

    He says, "Whatever killed this warrior was powerful. Few have as many rings as this champion had. The fact that he was a zombie made him but a shadow of his former self. The axe's condition has deteriorated and started rusting. With some work, it could be a great weapon again - one worthy of more rings if the owner wanted to build on the reputation. I will give you what I can for it, but as it will require some work to restore... it won't be a lot. Wait here."

    He comes back with a single battle axe in his hand. Vortigern can tell the quality is high from afar, but as he gets his hands on it, it's obvious that this is a very well crafted weapon. The minotaur says, "Only one I have right now. I generally make larger items. I could craft another, but it will take me a few days for sure to get the quality that high. As I can restore the axe of my people to glory, I will offer you that one for 50 gold, plus the city tax of..." He thinks for a moment and says, "5 gold."

    He offers, "To make another one would be probably 150 gold if I have to rush. Possibly 2 days of work. 100 gold if you can wait a week. Plus the city tax." He starts thinking about how to calculate the 10% tax on these two new numbers. While he was generally intelligent, he wouldn't be applying to the Tower to become a scholar any time soon.

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    Vort was flush with gold but not time he felt and answered, "150gp for the rush job, to make a twin of this one. I can do that, plus tax." Then lays down the 55gp for the one battleaxe. "Deal?" and extends his hand to seal the deal with a handshake.

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    Zamkarat nods at Vortigern. He says, "Check back in two days. It should be done or nearly done by then." He accepts the dwarf's small hand. To say the handshake is firm is a major understatement, but the deal is struck and the downpayment at least is collected.

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    "Thank you!" With nothing else to be done here, Vort leaves.

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