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Thread: Chapter 8.42: Hiding arms and apples

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    Default Chapter 8.42: Hiding arms and apples

    Their meal concluded, Vort and Kyricus rise from the table. As they rise, their bowls begin magically floating toward the kitchen area to be cleaned. The halfling wizard continues multitasking with a series cooking and cleaning tasks performed by some form of unseen servants.

    The white robed Kyricus grabs the three sets of collected robes and heads toward the door. As he pauses at the closed door and concentrates, he says, "I need to make a few quick stops first."

    With that, he studies one set of robes as he concentrates. After a few seconds, he opens the door, leading to a small room. The room is little more than 10 X 10 in size and has a single cylindrical closed casket in it. Kyricus takes the first set of robes and gently lays them across the face of the casket. As he does, he comments in some strange language, "Mangga nampa hadiah nu tos dirumuskeun sakali kalayan berkah urang." With that he quietly leaves the room. He pauses at the door and pulls out another set of robes. Twice more Kyricus and Vort enter small chambers with nothing more than a sealed cylindrical casket, while Kyricus performs the same brief ceremony.

    Upon finishing that, Kyricus pauses at the door again and this time enters a 10 X 10 chamber that looks completely empty with standard cinder block walls. Kyricus speaks his name aloud, "My name is Kyricus Blakemon, leader of the white robes, and I seeking the generic vault of unclaimed items."

    Although Vortigern can detect nothing different, clearly Kyricus can see something, as he walks over and bends down to a particular cinder block. He presses on something unseen, and the cinderblock itself swings out on a hinge, revealing a small vault inside. As he reaches into the vault he comments, "Long before my time, a particularly gifted boy found his way to the Tower to study. Once here, he traded his magical robes as payment for apprenticeship. As the boy was not yet a full man, these robes tend to be small for most people. They may fit you if you like them, although I'm sure you would argue that you could use the extra room below the waist."

    With that, Kyricus pulls forth a black set of robes. Although they are devoid of any kind of runes or anything else, they have a large intricate skull symbol across the back.

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    Vorts eyes grow wide, "How did you know?" His voice trails off, then he clears his throat, and he looks at the silver ring on his finger--the one he's had for ages even before the ring of Hoku, then looks at the robe. It was too coincidental. "Whoever the mind reader is in here, or whatever the fates have deemed for me, I think this robe will do me just fine. What does it do? Or should I use my Ring of Hoku to Identify it?"

    ooc: my silver ring I bought a very long time ago before it was trendy or cool:

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    Kyricus states, "If you have some magic to identify it, feel free."

    Vort holds the robes and identifies them via the ring.

    Robes +1 to AC
    Contains 1 charge (maximum of 1 charge)
    As a bonus action Vort can invoke the robes to cause a display a shifting pattern of dazzling hues until the end of your next turn. During this time, the robe sheds bright light in a 30-foot radius and dim light for an additional 30 feet. Creatures that can see you have disadvantage on attack rolls against you.

    The charge resets upon the wearer killing someone.

    When the robe has zero charges in it, death saves are made at a -3 penalty

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    Vort nods his approval and strips right there, unashamed of his nakedness--hels, he had been found drunk and naked many a time in his early days, why change now. With the robes on he says with a gleam in his eyes, "Yeah, baby, these will do me just fine." Getting a feel for them, he twirls a bit and gets in an action stance and makes a chopping motion. "Yeah, these are great!" Then remembering something in the back of his head, "Say Kyr, you know anything about this ring," holding out the ring of Hoku. "I think it has a mate, but not sure."

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    Kyricus states, "I would have to research it. A legend lore spell for sure would assist you in determining it. It looks like a wedding ring, but unfortunately I don't know know enough about it to know for sure."

    He adds, "They look good on you. I find it no coincidence that these robes should fall to you. They were originally owned by the young boy that came to study at our Tower from the far south reaches of Mistmoor many years ago. Predzar was but a boy then. On the day that the fire extinguishes on our Tower, this seems fitting. May they serve you well."

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    "Predzar? Oh man... well, yeah, I mean, I don't know how to relate this story other than to say that he stated he was possessed by something," Vort relates in the privacy of the room, "and that he wasn't quite himself during all of that...this...stuff, that was going on. Once he was banished to the castle of Sirrion, where he is still today, he said he was not that same person. However, Sirrion attacked him right on sight, saying he was a Rakshasa. Only thing I know about them is they wear fabulous smoking jackets." Sizing up the robes he was wearing, "This may not be a smoking jacket, but it's got style, I must say. Maybe I'll do a Sending to ol' Pred and see if he's okay." Looking at Kyr to judge his reaction, "I'm not saying he was truthful to us, or not a monster, but he did save our lives and I did get a fancy nice shield from him that floats in front of you, protecting you when you call upon it's power. So, yeah, I still think we're in good with him, but I dunno, I'd hate to make an enemy of a Rakshasa." Vort realized he had been talking non-stop so he halted for a moment to give Kyricus a chance to reply.

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    While he waited, Vort did a few moves--hand thrusts and leg kicks, finishing with, "Sweep the leg!" then turned his attention back to Kyricus.

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    Kyricus says, "Predzar is an enigma. He was banished long before I was born. Still, many have devoted their efforts here to understanding him. There are many schools of thought on him. I think most people believe that the boy that came here was different than who you saw. What changed him, aided him, or turned him to the path of ruin, I don't know. Perhaps he always was a Rakshasa and he deceived everyone. It's certainly within his abilities."

    He thinks and says, "I'm relating the information on the robes to you so that you're aware of where they came from. I believe they are related to the skeleton tribe deep in the southern mountains of Mistmoor, if they even still exist. Since the boy traded these robes for an education, I feel we have some right to give them to you, but that isn't to say that others that know more about the skeleton tribe might treat you differently or act differently for that matter. And of course there is a small chance that Predzar in some form may break free and want them back. It seems that you like them, and I want to be forthright about their unknown symbolism and previous owner."

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    Vort nodded, "Say, do you know a girl by the name of Shrena? Pred said that she was his daughter. Or even someone named Asgar? Maybe one of those people who have devoted their efforts to understanding him might know?"

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    Kyricus thinks for a moment and says, "The name Asgar sounds demonic, but I can't say that I know of a particular demon named that, thankfully. A warlock might know them better than I would. I can ask around."

    He pauses and says, "I do know of a Shrena. She has died, but she was a human scholar here at the Tower, I believe. I will have to pull the records and see what we know about her. It's certainly worth investigating, as we had no knowledge of any possible connection to Predzar. Let me check on both and get back with you before you depart."

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