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Thread: Chapter 8.43: Xanthar

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    Default Chapter 8.43: Xanthar

    Vortigern, in his new robes, rejoins the others in the lobby as Brandon and Silvart finish their prayers in Solinariís chamber. The group is surprised with Vortigernís new look, but at this point most of them are just happy that heís clothed. Of the group, Alyssa clearly recognizes Vortís robes as Skeleton tribal robes, although she says little about them. Rian also pauses at seeing them. Although he can recall little about them, he swears that heís seen them somewhere before, a long time ago. He knows that people wearing robes similar to Vortís robe have visited his former home at the edge of the Folie forest before, but canít recall any details as a child. Still, an involuntary shiver goes up his spine at seeing the robe after so many years.

    Sandi is about to give them directions around the city when Silvart volunteers to show them around. Brandon graciously accepts the offer for the group. Before leaving the tower, Silvart does her best to kindly tell Ult and Velkyn that their kind would clearly be Ďunusualí here. She tries as politely as she can to not say unwelcome, but they both understand the meaning though. They both offer to stay behind at the tower until the group can return later with some cloaks and robes to better conceal their features.

    The Sentinels plus Alyssa are led out of the tower by Silvart and find a small, well maintained courtyard surrounded by several blocks of ruins and abandoned houses. As they walk through it, Silvart explains that the battle with Predzar started inside the Tower when Predzar killed the leader of the white robes at the time. The tower united to stop him, with even black robes joining the cause against the powerful wizard. The battle waged for over a day and at times spilled outside the tower, destroying most of houses immediately surrounding the tower. Those that werenít destroyed were abandoned by their owners, who wanted nothing to do with potentially being killed by a power hungry mage. Only five survivors lived through the battle with Predzar. Of those five, with Matildaís recent passing only one was still believed to be alive Ė Silius the Red, one of the tower masters of Etoile, who came to aid in the fight.

    Looking back at the tower, the group notes that it looks only about 8 stories high or so. There were no windows in the tower, but around 10 feet from the top, a large portion of the tower was black and charred.

    As the group exited the ruins and abandoned area, which was around a quarter mile radius around the tower, they saw townsfolk looking at the tower and talking. Several pointed at the towerís lack of flames. Although most didnít understand what happened, most seemed thankful that the unnatural burning that had persisted for more than a century had stopped.

    Silvart led them westward, deeper into the city and toward the coast. Outside the ruins, the housing situation wasnít much better. Xanthar was probably two times the size of Alliance area wise, but probably at least five times as many people condensed into it. This particular section would be described as the slums. Silvart tried to smooth it over, believing that certainly every city had something similar to that, right? Unfortunately, no other known city had a section that was this far gone. The only good thing about it was that it wasnít a particularly large section of the city, and the group was quickly through it to market district. Here small shops and carts lined a large central street. As it was early afternoon, the market place was buzzing with activity, with hundreds if not thousands of people busy walking and shopping. Silvart points out three large buildings in this part of the city that are of possible interest. The first is the Golden Gauntlet, a mercenary guild of sorts that did odd jobs, including at times city guard like duties if the pay was right.

    The second was the Balanced Scales Trade Guild, the largest building in this section of the city. A large imposing brick building, it had a large round gold dome to it. If you wanted to open a business in Xanthar, you had to talk to someone there first. Also, all goods purchased in this area were taxed with a modest 10% fee, which was something foreign to most of the Sentinels. Selling items had no tax though, thankfully. Silvart explained that there were sometimes ways around taxes, such as doing something for the Balanced Scales, or possibly even their police arm, the Golden Gauntlet.

    The last building of interest was The Freeborn Knights. The smallest organization in Xanthar nowadays, it was knights devoted to righting wrongs in the world. The white painted wooden building was once impressive, but had fallen on hard times. The wood was rotting in sections, and clearly needed freshly painted in others. The building was probably a quarter of the size of the Golden Gauntletís headquarters and clearly not as well maintained. Apparently doing things out of the kindness of ones own heart didnít always help pay the bills.

    Silvart stops and sees the group eyeing up some of the shops. Nearby a gnome street performer balances juggles balls while riding some kind of strange one wheeled bike, causing several kids to cheer. Kalthanar does a double take as what appears to be a medusa walks toward him, surrounded by statues, only to realize that the statues and medusa are all performers in heavy make-up acting out a scene on the street for entertainment.

    Looking around, the population is heavily (probably 90% or more) human, although the occasional elf, dwarf, halfling, and gnome are spotted. Even one minotaur has a weapons shop here. The one thing that no one sees right now is half elves, which are fairly uncommon outside Alliance. Still, Rian feels that any strange glances directed at him are more because he has a shield that is obviously magical instead of his facial features.

    Off on the western horizon, several large ships are seen as well as seagulls and distant waves on the horizon. Silvart explains that the Broken Anchor is at the docks area, and after the group is done with the market area, she would gladly take them for dinner at her family tavern.

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    With all the stuff they had accumulated, Vort takes Rian and Hrothgar with him to sell it all. It is quite the haul and the dwarro takes the large amount in high value gems if possible or trade bars.

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    His money pouch filled with more coin than Hrothgar has seen in his life, He is instantly paranoid and does low growls at virtually anyone who looks at him funny.

    "Silvart, are there any stores which sell items which are perhaps magically enhanced. With all these mages here, surely some of them have experimented with items and created a store for them. My needs are simple after all, but if we are to continue freeing Gods, we need something more than just common items".
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Kalthanar points to the Golden Gauntlet, "We need to speak with them. I hope to work alongside their organization to clear the road to Alliance."

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    Brandon assures Silvart that the Sentinels would be happy to visit the Broken Anchor for dinner before confirming his agreement with Kalthanar. “Yes, we must speak with the Golden Gauntlet.”

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    Rian follows as Silvart guides the Sentinels through the city. Rian inquires of Silvart, "Can you hire a researcher? I'm interested in the symbol on Vort's robes. It looks familiar, I want to know more."
    Rian will stop and shop if they come across an armorer.
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    Silvart replies to Hrothgar, "Anyone selling 'magic items' out in the open market would likely be a scam. They are very rare - I've only seen a handful myself and all of them were at the Tower. The sale of such items, if they exist, would certainly be inside the Balanced Scales. Honestly, I don't have the coin to explore this. You might inquire there. I don't know if they'll just take you to a specific area or what."

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    Silvart replies to Rian, "Certainly, that can be done. It takes time and money, but there is no shortage of scholars here that would jump at the opportunity to read books for your and tell you what they found."

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    Rian nods and says, "Thank you for the information. Could you direct me to someone who could guide me on the intricacies and protocols for such a request?"

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