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Thread: Chapter 8.41: The Altar of Solinari

  1. Default Chapter 8.41: The Altar of Solinari

    After their meal, Brandon tells the Sentinels that he is going to pray at Solinari's altar for a while. Before he departs, he hands the doorknob to Kalthanar and says, "Here, see if Kyricus can help us figure out if this is really what you think it is." He then turns and nonchalantly holds his arm out to Silvart, "Come. Show me to the altar of Solinari."
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    OOC: I'm not ignoring this. Moving the threads as fast as I can - especially the ones that can take a while to play out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zebsen View Post
    OOC: I'm not ignoring this. Moving the threads as fast as I can - especially the ones that can take a while to play out.
    OOC: Take your time. As I said in the OOC thread, this can wait until after we leave Xanthar if need be. He's basically just going to pray to Solinari, ask for guidance, see if she responds or if the voice talks to him again, and then basically spend the rest of the day with Silvart. He plans on asking her to take him to the Broken Anchor for dinner and he may end up inviting the rest of the Sentinels if Vort promises to leave his pants on. He'd like to explore the city a bit, and she's a perfect guide as far as I can tell. He also wants to spend some time talking her out of adventuring given the exceedingly dangerous conditions in Therris at the moment, and he plans on quietly spending some of his 400+ gold pieces to help pay her costs and expenses associated with training at the tower. He isn't necessarily inclined to propose marriage just yet, but having a companion when he visits Xanthar would be pretty cool. Who knows, maybe she will become a real love interest in time...

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    Silvart nods and leads him to the door. She explains that unless one wears robes in the tower, all doors lead back to the lobby. Only by wearing robes could the wearer make the doors go to alternate rooms of their choosing. She wasn't sure how that worked exactly, but she always needed to be accompanied inside the tower to maneuver it. Thankfully she was never trapped and free to go as she pleased.

    Opening the door, reveals a round lobby area - probably the first room that looks like it is sized appropriately given the likely size and circular shape of the tower. Large iron double doors are propped open, and Brandon catches a glimpse of a small courtyard and some charred ruins outside the building.

    The room is probably 130 feet in diameter. They are standing at the only door, which Sivart closes behind her. She says, "I'm not allowed to let anyone into the inner chambers. I have to use this." She points to chalkboard of sorts beside the lone door. She says, "I write who I wish to see, my name, and my business. If the person wishes to be seen, the door opens and leads me to them. The words disappear after I write them."

    Looking around the small room are three alcoves of equal size. No words are written above each, only a single picture is above each one - a white moon, a red moon, and a black moon. Each room has a curtain that leads to what looks like a semi-private 30 X 30 shrine of sorts.

    Silvart walks Brandon toward the shrine and bites her lip. She says, "Sandi has been very good to me. Many apprentices that are short on coin are approached by black robes. Sometimes they offer to help students get ahead if they pledge to follow the dark moon. I'd rather make my own choice though, and am leery of that. Plus Abigail scares the shit out of me."

    Leading Brandon to the altar, she pulls the cloth aside and peers in. She half whispers, "It's empty. Generally people like privacy when talking to the gods."

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    He grabs her hand and leads her into the alcove with him. “Solinari believes magic should be used for the good of all people, and we as his followers welcome other mages into his domain.”

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    OOC: I don’t want to post to far ahead in case you have something planned but he is going to pray to Solinari for guidance as to where he can find Solinari’s items and clarification on the voice he has been hearing (whether it’s good or bad, who it is, etc.)

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    OOC: This might also be a good time for Brandon to talk to Silvart alone and try to convince her not to go adventuring. Given the state of affairs in Therris, he wants her to continue her apprenticeship at the tower were it is safer. He plans on helping her with some of her costs once I figure out how much gold he has saved up.

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    Once inside the alcove containing the altar to Solinari, Brandon turns to Silvart. “Pray with me,” he says. Approaching the altar, he takes his arcane focus - a small orb - and places it on the altar. “Oh Heavenly Father, Lord of Magic, Defender of Knowledge, Master of the Weave, hear my prayers. I pray your guidance. Guidance for the souls lost along the way, and guidance for those who still walk the realms. In your name, I have devoted myself to helping restore the balance among the powers unknown, and my friends and I have recently freed Branchala and Sirrion from Takhisis’ trap. I seek to restore you to your height of power, but I need help to find the items in which your essence is trapped. Help me free your spirit from the bonds which have shackled you these long years.”

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    OOC: You can definitely talk to her about convincing her to not go adventuring. You would certainly need a good persuasion roll as she's pretty excited about it. As described earlier, she doesn't consider it coincidental that she's achieved 3rd level and you guys just appeared as adventurers doing amazing things.

    The duo approach the altar, one of three similar ones to the various gods of magic in the large foyer of the Tower. The altar itself is a full 5 foot slab of what looks like marble with a nice tarp depicting the white moon draped over the top of it.

    Silvart does not argue against praying to Solinari. She does so, but as she does Brandon gets the sense that it's not something she does regularly. This could be that she simply doesn't have much free time while trying to study and make ends meet while working. Still she doesn't disagree with Brandon's and joins him.

    As is normal though, Solinari remains silent and distant. Certainly if he was able to respond, he would have done so, as no god would willingly be trapped when a faithful servant gave a passionate plea to help. Brandon is about to discuss further things with Silvart when he felt the presence again at the back of his mind. Whatever it is, it was there again. Brandon can sense it more-or-less like a distinct impression that someone is looking over his shoulder either watching or spying on him. This is now the third time that he has felt the presence, but this time it remains silent. Brandon still isn't sure who the voice is, but he feels fairly certain it's not Solinari, or it would have answered his prayer.
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