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Thread: Chapter 8.5: The Test

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    The six-armed creature speaks again, happy to continue. He continues slurring its words slightly as if speaking is foreign to it. He reminds Brandon, “Remember, I am here to test your understanding of magical theory. No actual casting is required right now.”
    He adds, “Behind me is a door that you need to pass through. You cannot touch the door. Which items on the table might be of partial use to you as a sorcerer to magically open the door without you touching it?”

    He pauses and adds, “While there are multiple possible answers here, keep in mind that I’m testing your magical theory skill, not your ability to think about alternate ways of you physically pushing the door without physically touching it.”

    Looking at the table, a wide assortment of items is found including: a lead brick, a bundle of rope, a small ball, some face make-up, a one foot pane of glass, a broken quarterstaff, a small magnet, a tuft of fur, a chocolate bar, and a sponge. There is a small shelf of cooking ingredients including vials of molasses, water, milk, sugar, salt, pepper, lemon juice, garlic, basil, and onion bits. Finally there is a small rack of more exotic items that contains vials labeled: bat eye, rabbit’s foot, vampire fang, mermaid scales, viper tongue, sand, werewolf claw, hippogriff talon, banshee dust, and unicorn horn.

    He continues, "Please tell me one item that you might find useful and how you might use it, in theory."
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    Brandon thinks about it for a second before asking Vud, "Is this a trick question?" Before Vud can respond, Brandon elaborates on his thought process, "If I need to open the door without touching it, I could just summon a mage hand which does not require any material components."

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    Vud blinks and says, "Yes you could. However, any untrained person would know that by watching a caster. By asking you to select something specific, I am asking you to use knowledge that a layman might not have. Before this test becomes potentially more challenging, I would like to demonstrate that you're not going to die horribly by pretending to be something that you're not. So, I ask you to chose what might be useful and describe how you might use it, in theory."

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    "The tuft of fur is one of two components for a lightning bolt spell. I suppose that could ignite the door and burn it away. I would also need a small rod of glass, although perhaps the glass pane could be broken into something useable..." he wonders aloud.

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    Vud looks at Brandon for a few seconds before replying, "Really? You would use a lightning bolt on a door? How unusual... and barbaric."

    He pauses and says, "Your knowledge is sufficient to pass onto the next portion of the test." He pauses and says, "I will exit through this door and close it behind me. Please wait one minute for me to get out of the way, and then follow. Please just touch the door to open it. I would rather not having you use a lightning bolt on it, really, as I will have to clean it up. In the next room, you will be tested mentally against a worthy foe. It will be fairly self explanatory from there. From this point on, it is no longer theory. You will and knowledge of the arcane will be tested."

    He asks, "Any questions?"

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    Vud blinks an inner and outer set of eyelids at Brandon and replies, "There are many ways. How I would have done so is irrelevant. As for what I am, it matters little. Rest assured that your kind, myself, and Tower all have a symbiotic relationship. You gain something, as do we. Are you ready to advance?"

    OOC: other possible spells are suggestion/friends on Vud. Animate dead wouldn't work for a sorcerer.
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    Brandon nods. "I am."

    OOC: I'm disappointed in myself for missing that possibility. I was looking for spells that exerted some force on the door, not on Vud... Grrrr...

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    Vud nods and retreats, muttering as he goes, "Lightning bolt!" As he departs through the door, Brandon can see a long hallway briefly before the door closes behind him. As he is debating whether to enter or not, he hears Vud's voice call from beyond the door, "You may enter."

    OOC: I threw in a couple of options to be fair. All you needed was one. I will advance things as I can but very busy with family the rest of the day. Let me know if you want to try anything before departing the room.
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