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Thread: Chapter 8.5: The Test

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    Brandon and Kalthanar move forward to the door with the Solinari sun overtop of it. The world fades around them.

    Kalthanar feels briefly as if he is falling and jumps as his eyes flicker open. He's sitting in a meditation chamber at the tower. Although he doesn't sleep or dream quite like the others do, he is jolted awake. He looks around, wondering exactly what happened. He felt as though something important just happened, as if it's on the tip of his tongue but he can't find the word. He struggles to think about whatever it was that was just on his mind, but after several minutes, he gives up. Looking around him, it appears the other Sentinels have also dozed off.

    Kalthanar rubs his side which seems to be sore for some reason, perhaps due to him meditating awkwardly. After a few minutes moving around, he returns to meditating in case Brandon somehow needs him for his Test.

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    Brandon is falling in the dark and begins to panic when he is caught gracefully by a warm embrace of something unseen. He feels comforted somehow, and relaxes as the the warmth envelopes him.

    His eyes flicker open, and he had fallen asleep while meditating atop the tower. He wonders if he fell asleep somehow and dreamed everything, but realizes that he's wearing white robes with rune tracing on them. In front of him, the once pulsing orb that changed color shone only white.

    He hears footprints and turns to see Kyricus walking towards him. Kyricus smiles at Brandon and says, "Congratulations. White looks good on you."

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    “Thank you,” Brandon replies. “I regret only that I could not retrieve more of the lost disks.”

    OOC: Does Brandon know what the other robes he got from the Medusa fight do yet?

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    Yes, the medusa robes are +1 to AC. Once per day you can reroll a failed concentration save.

    Yours are +2 to AC, and you can reroll any healing spells you cast, but have to accept the results on the reroll. The healing part is due to you choosing the white robes as a Solinari worshiper.

    You can upgrade robes over time if you find better ones attuned to the tower, but you are required to turn in the old robes since they essentially belong to someone else in "stasis".
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    “Now that I have my new robes, I need to return the ones I recovered from my previous adventures. Can I bring them by your room later today?” Brandon asks Kyricus.

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    Kyricus nods and says, "You understand the significance of the robes now. They are a gift. We obviously don't speak openly about... their previous owners. We understand little of them, but the powers of this Tower are incredible. We do know that their people sleep until their robes are returned, and that if robes are gone long enough, they have ways of retrieving them. Those methods are unpleasant, as I understand it. But yes, you can return the robes later. If you'd like I can show you how to return them to their former owners."

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