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Thread: Chapter 8.5: The Test

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    After a few seconds of staring at it, Vud says, "Thank you for returning this to us. Let me explain your options."

    He says, "Your Test is over. Anything you wish to accomplish from this point forward is optional. At any point that you wish to stop, you can, but if you enter a door, it can be lethal. If you die in the room, you will be dead."

    He adds, "There is enough magic left in this disk to do one of several things. The first is revive a replica of one of your comrades who have graciously offered to assist you. This disk only has enough energy to awaken one if you wish to use it this way. This will consume what little energy is left in it, but over many years, the energy will return to it."

    He says, "Realize that we have unfortunately lost many disks over many places. The doors will lead you to what they feel you can best accomplish. So, if you go with help, it will probably seek out disks that would not be achievable by ones self. Regarding your friends - these are merely projections of them. They may behave somewhat differently than the real things. Most notably, if they fall in combat, they fade from existence. They cannot die though, as they are not real, but merely projections."

    He adds, "Your last option is to stop the Test. Doing so with only 1 disk would net you a standard set of Tower robes. Collecting more, especially with magical energies intact would grant you additional benefits to your robes."

    He pauses and says, "As I mentioned, you, us, and the Tower have a symbiotic relationship. While we want the disks, it does us no good for you to overextend yourself and die. Please think and chose wisely."

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    “First, tell me what you know of where I just went. It seemed like a different planet. Gravity was different, the air was harsh, and undead allied freely in the ruins where I found the disk. I even saw one of - whatever you are - but it was like a mummy in stasis,” Brandon said.

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    OOC: The invis faded upon returning. You essentially black out while transporting. See invis has 30 minutes left on it.

    Vud blinks both inner and outer eyelids a few times. He doesn't seem surprised by the news as he replies, "Our people are scattered across the cosmos. Too many people lost over time. Very sad to hear the state that one of my kind was in. We will rebuild with your help."

    He pauses and admits, "We honestly didn't think you would do well after suggesting lightning bolt on a door. Many who suggest that end up trying to blast their way through the Test. We rarely see them return from the first door. You proved us wrong."

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    Brandon shrugged. He had been able to keep most of his compliment of spells, but he felt his luck was wearing thin. On the one hand, he already had a runic robe. On the other hand, he had no idea what was special about. Two robes; two chances to find something useful to him.

    Turning to his second dilemma, Brandon pondered who to wake. Vort had healing and he was a master with Vera. But he lacked subtlety. Rian could take a hit and keep on coming with Flamequench, but he too was less than stealthy. Hrothgar was an honorable warrior and Brandon has witnessed the devastation he could bring to bear during the fight against Artemis in Owl’s warehouse. But he was an uncontrollable whirlwind of rage in battle.

    Kalthanar. Somehow, Brandon had always known it would be him. The ranger preferred his bow, which was fine with Brandon, but he could use a blade if he had too. He was stealthy, perceptive, and precise. Brandon had already succeeded once through avoiding the fight, and Kalthanar brought with him the best chance of avoiding the next one too. He looks at Vud and says, “Let us wake Kalthanar’s clone.”
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