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Thread: Chapter 8.5: The Test

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    Default Chapter 8.5: The Test

    It is night time when Kyricus, the highest ranking wizard in the tower with Abigail out, leads Brandon to the door of the study where he awaits patiently for nighttime to come.

    Kyricus pauses at the door before opening it. He says, "By taking this test, you will agree to the rules of the Tower. In the tower, other members are created equal. You don't have to like each other, but as I mentioned earlier, fighting within these walls is a death sentence. Passing your test will make you a full member of the Tower. Being a member of this tower will get you access to all kinds of research material, provided you don't violate any of the rules, such as honoring the dead and fighting. We have a 'friendly rivalry' with Etoile. Consider them a sports rival if you will. We are all still brethren in the art, but of course consider them mostly a bunch of tree hugging fools that need 500 years to learn what we teach in 5 years. Did I say that out loud? What I mean is that the same rules apply to scholars from their Tower as well. If you visit their Tower, they may allow you access to certain areas and materials, but don't count on it. If nothing though, you can seek safety within its walls."

    He pauses and adds, "Lastly, you can't discuss the Test with others. Certainly not with the Etoile Tower. Doing so would... well, let's just not discuss such unpleasantries." He looks at Brandon and says, "Realize that the Test can be lethal. Whether it should be or not is open to debate, but... it can be. Lastly, you can't wear any of the Tower robes into the test. I will hold them for you until the test is over. You may only keep one pair of robes - be it this one or the set you come out with. If you pass you will understand this better."

    He awaits Brandon to take off the other clothes and says, "Any questions?"

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    Brandon takes off the robes he acquired during the medusa fight and folds them neatly before handing them to Kyricus. "Am I allowed to use my weapons?" he asks, motioning to his crossbow, quarterstaff and dagger. "How long does the test last? Can I cast spells now, before I go in?"
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    Kyricus smiles and replies, "Very good questions. There is no harm in taking anything with you or casting if you wish. If passing your Test was highly reliant on taking weapons with you though, I doubt we would pass many students. Still, there is no harm. As for time, it can vary. Normally a few hours. If your Test is not over by the time the sun comes up, you will fail. Do not concern yourself with time. It only becomes an issue when students get too scared to continue and lock up for hours. I doubt that will be the case with you."

    He adds, "Some of your friends have offered to aid you. I cannot tell you for sure if they can or will. Each Test is unique. Know that you may find them in there at some point. They will remember nothing about it, however, so please don't discuss it with them."

    He asks, "Any other questions?"

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    Default Chapter 8.5: The Test

    Kyricus nods and pauses at the door. He says, "Your first task is ahead of you. I know you are concerned about timing, but you cannot rush this step."

    With that, he opens the door. For the first time, Brandon detects a slight breeze and hears the night sounds of crickets and owls. He looks and notes spiral stairs leading upward. Kyricus's white robes flap in the breeze. He starts by saying "Solin-" He catches himself though, apparently not supposed to show favoritism, before adding, simply, "Good luck."

    With that Brandon passes through the door. A faint breeze is detected, and Brandon realizes that he's outside the tower - on the roof specifically. He hears the door close behind him as he climbs the stairs. After ascending about 20 stairs, he finds himself on top of the tower. He notes that both Solinari and Lunitari are both high in the sky tonight, basking the top of the tower in a faint moonlight. Although he's never really noticed it before, he's now acutely aware of a third, smaller black moon, Nuitari in the sky as well. Looking up, he can see it hovering between the other two moons, barely visible.

    He also notes that part of the tower bricks near one edge of the round tower appear darker than the rest - the only evidence remaining of a fire that burned for over a century near the top of the tower. Although no damage appears to have been done to the tower, the gray bricks appear black and scrorched in a 50 square foot near one edge.

    Brandon turns his attention back to the rest of the tower and finds a total of three oddly shaped mirrors atop the tower. Each mirror is around one square foot large and concave in shape. In the center of the tower is a 6" wide hole and an orb suspended directly above the hole. Carved into the globe Brandon can faintly read, "Focus all of the power on me and meditate." Nearby a small padded cushion sits unused.
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    Default Chapter 8.5: The Test

    Although the task is straightforward he finds the physical labor portion of it surprisingly draining. He finds the task simple enough though, although it takes him a few minutes to direct Nuitariís elusive black rays that are almost impossible to see. If not for the darkening of the sphere, he would not have been sure if his aim.

    The sphere pulses a white, red , and black and seems to focus the colors downward somewhere deep below. Despite a look down the small diameter tube, Brandon gets no clue as to what is going on.

    With the lights properly directed, Brandon steps back and contemplates his next move.

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    He sits down on the cushion near the orb and begins mentally retracing his steps from the portal, to Sirrion’s castle, to Portenfer... Owl’s warehouses, the Burrows, Alliance, all of the incredible places he had been in such a short time. Taking a deep breath, he begins praying to Solinari for peace. Peace for all of those who had died, starting with his mentor Cypher and poor Shiela, the halflings who has died in the attack on the Burrows, the Firewalkers, Trudy... the list was a long one. By the time he finished, tears streamed down his face. He realized he hadn’t dealt with the guilt and grief, there hadn’t been time.
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    Brandon has much to reflect on given all that the Sentinels (and he) have accomplished and been through over the last several months. He sits on the cushion reflecting on things and praying. Many thoughts appear in his head. Can he possibly restore Solinari some day? How much of what Predzar told him was true? If Predzar wasn't the voice in his head, then who is?

    Brandon awakens with a start, lying face down on the floor. He must have fallen asleep at some point during the meditation, and in a panic he sits up wondering if he somehow failed his Test. He isn't sure how long he's been out, but his arms had fallen asleep from lying in an awkward position. He sits up and rubs his extremities, before realizing that he's no longer atop the Tower.

    He is at the end of some kind of cavern. The cavern is around 6 feet in diameter, causing Brandon to duck slightly to avoid hitting his head on the rough cut ceiling. Orbs similar to what he was meditating around above line the walls of the cavern, alternating from white, red, and black shimmering colors, giving off a varied amount of light based on the color that swirls that particular moment. He sees three such orbs, spread 10' apart.

    The cavern appears to go about 30' ahead before it disappears around the corner to the left.

    As Brandon begins to contemplate casting, he feels the his meditation has restored all of his magical skills. What is more, he finds that this place has strangely challenged his magical energy, expanding his mind well beyond what he's ever believed possible. He's not sure if it's a dream or reality, but so far, he likes what he feels.

    OOC: You can cast any sorcerer spell you have access to here (meaning through third level), not just the ones you selected. This includes cantrips. So, if he wants, he could cast daylight, blink, haste, fear, create bonfire, etc but NOT polymorph as it's 4th level. You have a full compliment of spells 4/3/3 at 6th level, plus all your magic items (other than your robes) and luck dice. You may cast anything you want, but at this point, you don't feel threatened. You cast still pre-emptively cast whatever you want though.
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    OOC: Can I tell if I am still under the effect of the See Invisibility I cast before I began? I believe it has a 1 hour duration but I recognize I may have been out longer than that and/or the effects ended when my casting “reset.”

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