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Thread: Chapter 46: The Big Push

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    The day crept forward at a lizards pace with nothing to do but lounge around, rest and eat. Having already slept the night away, this non-activity would normally be welcome, but not today. All it did was build up anticipation. Johnny and Revi are nowhere to be found and Jaxson and Vortigern had returned to the front when their escort returned to the Fall Moon guild. Vortigerns parting words were, "Don't get yourself killed, yeah." Then the pair waved their goodbyes and left.

    Hours dragged on as the sky grew darker and darker and the cold became bitter. Jacob came forward with a fat candle and stated, "Master Jaxson said that when this candle reaches this line," pointing to a line that had been carved into the candle, "you were to use the scroll to get to your destination." Having nothing else to say, Jacob went to his room nearest the gate and waited.

    When the appointed time came, it was not without fanfare. Far off in the distance, Ivar could hear the telltale sounding of the magical horn he had traded away. They were attacking and now was the time.

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    Walden jumps up, shivering and exhausted, but still filled with a strange, nervous energy. "Are we ready?" he says to the others. Then, pulling a bottle out from his belt, he adds, "This winter lager's been burning a hole in my belt all night, but I've been saving her for just this moment."

    Taking a swig, he adds, "Feel free to take a nip if you want one. It's been a cold night, and it might get colder before things heat up again.

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    Puzzled still by his "Vision" during the ritual, Ivar nonetheless feels more..... powerful for having completed it. The Conduit now threaded onto his belt.... he has it tucked in behind one of his pouches, for decretion and some rudimentary protection....

    "Aye, I am perhaps as ready as I can be. Lets hope one of us can read that scroll".
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    "Is anyone not completely healed?" Hildegard asks.

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    Axar holds up one more potion and says, "If anyone needs it, please take it."

    He is otherwise silent. He was no coward, but was not looking forward to a major combat in their present state. He was still tired, but probably in better shape than some of the others. He had spent some time nervously sharpening Kinslayer, but with that task complete, he awaited the time to go.

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    Cormack opens his pack and pulls out a scroll. He holds it up and reads it, his voice in the guttural hiss of his spellcraft. His final words are in plain language, "Scales of the dragon, protect me!"

    His body glimmers for a moment, then the glimmer fades and the scroll crumbles to dust.

    "I am ready," he says.

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    Althir replied, "Ready."

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    Cormack looks around at his assembled companions. He opens the scroll that will transport them and, consults with Ivar, then begins the reading of it. His eyes light up as insights into this powerful magic are revealed alongside its use.

    Beads of sweat appear on his brow as he tries to hold onto the energies in this spell, even with the anchoring aid of having it trapped in a scroll and the aid of others.

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    The words on the scroll burn away as Cormack casts the spell, opening a large magic circle in front of him. Snow and wind erupts out of the teleportation circle as the spell completes and the scroll too turns to ashes in the wizards hands. The swirling vortex of the circle awaits.


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