Finding a guest room to settle down in and to look at the spell scroll for the Charm of Making, Ivar begins the ritual. As he begins reading, he does as instructed and pricks his finger with a knife and begins to draw the runes in the scroll onto the dragon bone. He continues to intone the spell until suddenly his spirit leaves his body. Flying high into the sky, he races straight north for many leagues at a blindingly fast speed. He flies over Fortress Guennerva in moments, then slightly west of the ancient city of Gol where it's been said the the incorporeal body of the god of magic roams aimlessly about, searching for it's head. High over the northern mountains and across the sea Ivar flies. Soon he see's land and flies over the villages of many fur-clothed men and women until he begins to climb higher and heads straight for an incredibly high mountain peak. There he flies into a dark cave at it's summit and stops. Therein a fire burns low, soot hangs in the air and bard is finding it hard to breath. With a start he awakens where he was sitting. The dragon bone carved with the runes of the spell scroll, burned into the bone with his blood and the spell scroll nothing but ashes. His Conduit is finished.