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Thread: [IC] Food Fight: Mid-Level Pathfinder One-shot

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    Default [IC] Food Fight: Mid-Level Pathfinder One-shot

    I've been preparing (and hoping to eventually run) a Pathfinder one-shot where the PCs are trying to get rid of animated/living food that's taken over a manor. It would be pretty whimsical and light-hearted in tone, and of course there would be a lot of cheesy puns and corny jokes from me. It would also be combat-heavy, but with opportunity for role-play and diplomacy and investigation and all that fun stuff. PCs would probably start around level 8-10; I still need to double-check some math on what CR the encounters are and stuff before I know for sure.

    I'm thinking I'll probably try to run it sometime this summer if there are enough people interested, but it could be sooner or it could be later, depending on how long it takes me to find/make all the necessary maps and when I feel like I have the time to run a second game, since I'm already GMing one campaign.

    So, would anybody be interested in a game like this? Does anybody have any questions or comments?

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    Seems like it could be fun, although I don't think I could fit another game in at the moment (I don't know what my situation will be this summer, but I should have more time).

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    I'll keep an eye on this one, I still have a couple of pathfinder builds I'd like to try out.

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    Glad to hear there's some interest! I suppose I'd better get to work on fine tuning and maps.


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