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Thread: Chapter 1:Haunting Of Harrowstone

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    “Oh, you must stay Master Hydelberg." Kendra says hurriedly, "There's a caveat on my father's will that stipulates who must be present when it's read. Your name is listed and Master Taigh says he won't even take it out the vault till all are present.”

    When you ask about seeing Petros’ laboratory, Kendra thinks a moment and you have time to verify that she wears no rings on either hand.
    “Yeeeeess” she says slowly, “I suppose. I haven't touched anything because I don't know father's last wishes yet. But I'm sure it's alright if you just want to look.”

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    Default Chapter 1:Haunting Of Harrowstone

    Mikial caught himself starting at her eyes, that tiny speck of color in her iris, her full lips as they moved to pronounce her response, the arrant curl of hair that fell to her cheek. “Oh absolutely, the reading of the Will, yes of course. And you need not to worry, I won’t disturb anything in your father’s lab. I was hoping to get some reminiscent inspiration. How are you holding up?”

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    So much of the conversation was happening over the Tiefling's head, on many levels. Much to the chonomancer's luck as it gave him time to consolidate his faculties. A few deep breaths, a smack of both cheeks and Ken had psyched himself back up to face his good friend. A last look up toward Kendra and Mikial before moving toward the casket to pay his respects. He thinks twice about raising his cloak and instead walks head held high, yet keeping perhaps a overly acute eye.

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    At your question, Kendra appears distressed and only now you notice how tired she looks. “I- Things h-h-have been difficult since Father died. In the town th-they say terrible th-th-things about him n-n-now -oh dear!” she turns away from you with her hand pressed over her face.

    Before you can react, a beautiful young woman in a black cloak glides past you, takes Kendra in a gentle embrace and speaks softly in her ear.


    When you break the hug, Kendra looks more composed. She takes your hand and smiles a little, “ Thank you for coming. Please, who are you and how did you know my father?”


    You never wanted to be the centre of attention. Back at home that always meant you were in trouble and someone was going to point out how different you were from the other children. In the University, being the centre of attention involved you being stood up in front of the whole class while some professor talked in long words about how badly you’d failed at this or that. You may not have been able to memorise the definition of osmosis exactly word for word from the book or been able to concentrate long enough understand why someone would want to find a hypotenuse, but you did learn the value of being inconspicuous, because attention just seems to make you a target. So, when the extremely pale lady distracts Kendra with a hug, you see it as an opportunity to brush past and drop the tiny package in her pocket.

    Professor Lorrimor's coffin is not some rough pine box crudely nailed together. The coffin on the cart is a fine piece of workmanship: dark walnut carved with decorative designs, ground smooth, hinged and lightly oiled to bring out the colour of the timber. The lid is closed, preventing you from seeing your teacher's face but it does not appear to be fastened yet, so you think you could open it if you tried.


    As a timegod, you, of course, have cares beyond those of the ordinary rabble. Concerns such as; a future rival to your title sending minions back to bump you off before you can reach the zenith of your power. That's why you look over the people who arrived before you.
    There are seven, all apparently human, and none look extraordinary or dangerous. Two men and a woman in their forties or fifties and a woman in her mid-thirties, all four well dressed. A stout middle-aged man, standing with a lad of about thirteen, and one younger woman with curly long auburn hair. None of them are known to you.

    The coffin is not placed at very comfortable viewing height for you, but were it open, you should be able to strain enough to peer in without physically climbing into the cart.

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    Time seemed to slow as Qui gazed thoughtfully at the detailed coffin, lingering on the unfastened casket even as her hands instinctively edged toward it.'Hmmmm I wonder...does it open easily?' Barely a thought spared for if people particularly wanted to see their dead relative so soon after being laid out of sight. A momentous sigh snuck from her lips and she lifted the lid up.

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    Leda smiles confidently before replying to Kendra, "Leda Pierce, Ma'am." A faraway look comes to Leda's eyes, as she pauses slightly before continuing," I saved your father's life one night from a hungry vampire.He noted my skill then and hired me several times to act as a guard for him.We kept in contact and he gave me some desperately needed encouragement, to help me through the hard times in life.As your father helped me, so I would be very happy to help you in any way you may need Kendra."

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    The coffin lid swings back easily and silently, releasing a sweet fresh smell, like the smell in the air before a rainstorm. You know from the date of Kendra's letter that Petros must have died at least two weeks ago, so you don't need a university education to deduce that Kendra must have had the body magicly preserved to prevent decay till all the guests could be gathered.

    The interior of the coffin is fitted with white quilted cloth upon which rests the Professor's body neatly dressed in a good suit. You easily recognise the figure as that of your beloved teacher but --his face!!

    From the shoulders and up, the corpse is swathed in bandages, which though they spare you the worst of the horrific injury, cannot conceal the fact that what used to be Petros Lorrimor's head is now barely more than a pulp.

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    The sudden unexpected shock, the futility of her wish dawned on her numbed mind as she stared unblinking at the remains.

    Who or what would have done that to him, she couldn't even begin to guess, last she heard Professor Lorrimor had been at his house. She would ask Kendra - surely his daughter must know something. Then she could leave her to grieve in peace. She turned back to the mourning relative, "Lady Kendra, your father -what happened?"

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    Kendra turns when you call call to her. She clasps her hand over her mouth and hurries over, “Oh! I wish you hadn't seen him like that. I would've liked your last memory of him to have been….better.”

    She hesitates, seeming uncertain how to answer you. “It was an accident….-some in the town say it was a judgement-” she adds with a little heat. “But really it was just a sad accident. He was walking near Harrowstone and a part of the wall fell on him.”

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