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Thread: Chapter 1:Haunting Of Harrowstone

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    You are able to identify three of the auras. The others are more difficult to place and your ability to perceive them fades before you can make up your mind.

    Consume: 3rd level, Transmutation
    Shattering Word: 3rd level, Evocation
    Dart of Midnight: 1st level, Evocation

    Your acquaintance with bookshelves extends beyond your knowledge of their competency to serve as sleeping quarters. You gather up the scraps of information that you have acquired from vague references you've come across over the many sleepless nights spent in the history section of the University library.

    Serving Your Hunger is one of several unholy books held sacred by followers of Urgathoa. The book contains prayers and rituals often involving the consumption of large quantities of food. Much of the book is filled with mystical poetry which is believed to reveal the path to undeath to those who have the aptitude and patience to decipher it.

    The Umbral Leaves contains the tenents of Zon-Kuthon. Known as the 'Midnight Lord' or the 'Prince of Pain', Zon-Kuthon claims authority over the spheres of loss, envy, pain and darkness. He is adored by those who delight in giving or receiving pain. Traditionally, the words of this book are branded into the skin of unwilling victims who are then flayed to make the leaves of the book. The copyist will dedicate his work to Zon-Kuthon by giving his own skin for the binding, believing that this ultimate act of devotion will earn him great reward.

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    Ruthis fingers the journal's cover slowly and speaks reverently, "It's..aaaayyaa-ah..." He clears his throat, " It's his journal." He offers the journal to Kendra hesitantly. "It's your father's journal." he repeats.

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    "It's locked." Qui hastily placed the book on the table in plain viewings of all, only too eager to get it out of her hands. "There's a note for 'discreet delivery' to some judge."

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