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Thread: Chapter 1:Haunting Of Harrowstone

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    "I said stop you fools, now before its too late!" Ken roared with a whip of his quarter staff flanking the thrid thug. The wild swing flings out toward the cudgel rather than the thug Ken's attempt to prevent any further damage.

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    Default Chapter 1:Haunting Of Harrowstone

    “Don’t do it.” Mikial threatens the thug as he contemplates reaching for the cudgel. Instead he steps back away to a safer distance. “That’s it step away. Everyone just step back before someone gets killed! We don’t want to hurt anyone but if you continue there most certainly may be someone else to bury this day!” Mikial shouts out over the fighting so everyone can hear.

    Mikial will spend this round fighting defensively granting +2 dodge bonus to AC and -4 to attacks.

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    Matthias gives quick glances hither and yonder,wondering when this foolishness would end...or where it would lead.Suddenly he jerks his head around.What was that?Looking more closely,he notices what it was.
    Two unsavoury jerks dare gang up on a girl!?What's this place coming to anyways?Without second thought,he dashes along till he stands beside Leda,and aims a vicious blow at the Thug to his right.

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    You ruthlessly beat down the unarmed man, all the while comforting yourself that in an age when men have become so depraved as to attack women in a funeral procession, there is at least one dwarf who is willing to defend the helpless.

    Kendra hears Ken and Mikial calling for everyone to stop before someone gets hurt and stops fighting, assuming a stance that says she is ready to strike if attacked.

    Round 4
    Qui: 21
    Ruthis: 21
    Leda: 20
    Attackers: 18
    Matthias: 17
    Mikial: 16
    Mourners: 14
    Ken: 11
    Kendra: 8

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    Leda looks forward, and notices one man still standing before her, trying to hit her!!! These guys must certainly be in need of hearing tests, or just really dumb! Readying her chain for another swing, she sadly shakes her head, before delivering the blow.

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    Oblivious to the unintelligible shouts and yells of friend and foe alike, Qui slips smoothly forward to bash the handle of her dagger at the next deluded fanatic

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    Ruthis stares at the thug in front of him.

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    You easily overpower another three of the thugs without significantly injuring them. The last remaining man throws down his weapon. "The necromancer's friends are too powerful!" he gasps. Then, seeing that he is alone, he backs away fearfully and takes off running.

    You look around to check that all hostilities have ceased and that the scene is safe, and notice an ancient man hurrying towards you from the north. He is a thin, slightly stooped man, enveloped in a great black coat that comes down to his ankles.

    Kendra looks grateful to find that the coffin has not been spilled and that no one appears to be seriously hurt. "Thank you all for your assistance." she says, placing her hand on the coffin lid, "I suppose if you hadn't been here they would've taken this. That was-"

    "Outrageous! That was outrageous!" Vashian huffs. Now that the danger is past, the councillors who stood by quite helplessly during the fight, seem eager to make themselves seen and heard again. They appear shocked and apologetic.

    "Oh yes, absolutely. Outrageous." Gharen agrees. "I hope you strangers won't get the impression that this's how we treat visitors. I assure you these men are of the lowest character. Their actions do not represent us."

    "Yeeeeess" Mirta nods, looking down her nose at the men strewn about. "I recognise them. Poor stock, low character."

    "I'm sure they won't do that again." Shanda offers hopefully.

    The ancient man arrives on the scene breathing heavily. "What is the meaning of this?!" he exclaims reproachfully. "Brawling in the Restlands! Here? at a time when men ought to consider their own mortality, you come and toy with it?" He shakes his head gravely, but though his words are chiding they are not unfriendly. Despite his off-putting appearance, there is something soothing and fatherly about his presence and as he walks through the group, you feel your fatigue drain away. His seems to have some effect on the unconscious thugs too, for presently they begin to stir and sit up. Grimburrow has a few quiet, stern words with each man and they begin to look ashamed.

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    You came here to bury the Professor Lorrimor not to meddle in the town's affairs, so you're content to stand by and allow the locals to sort it out. Under the stern glare of Grimburrow, the men who attacked you offer to go talk to the sheriff and the councillors, not wishing to expose the community's embarrassment any further in front of strangers, quickly agree.The men gather themselves and slowly trudge back towards the town.

    You pick the coffin back up. Kendra leads the way and the procession reforms and continues through the Restlands with Grimburrow walking besides the coffin.

    At the gravesite, two gravediggers wait to assist with the burial. Judging by by their vestments, you think likely they are acolytes from the chapel. They pass ropes under the coffin and help position it above the open grave. Grimburrow gives a short homily and then invites Kendra to say a few words. Fighting back tears, Kendra briefly recounts a few accounts of her father's courage and selflessness. You feel a bit defensive for the Professor since he is so poorly thought right now, and add a few words of your own experiences with him. Your words seem to make a favourable impression on those present, especially on Kendra who appears to be comforted by hearing how much her father meant to others.

    The coffin is lowered into the grave and the gravediggers begin filling the hole. Afterwards, as the gathering is breaking up, Kendra invites you all to her father's house to refresh yourselves awhile until the will reading. She stays to thank the guests for coming and when all have left, leads you back to her father's house.

    The Lorrimor residence is a comfortable stone house south of the town centre. Inside, many of the walls are covered with maps, sketches and various curios reflecting the traveling nature of it's owner. Kendra spreads a table for you and brings food and wine.

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    Default Chapter 1:Haunting Of Harrowstone

    Mikial meanders through the house and hallways reflecting at many of the older curios that he enjoyed inspecting when he came to visit. His favorite were the many odd and strange stuffed animals from distant lands. After visiting a favorite wolf figure he curiously looks at a few of the items that are new.

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