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Thread: Chapter 3: Into the Woods

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    Default Chapter 3: Into the Woods

    The group uses their two hours to rest and dry and share in some rations as the sun reaches its zenith. Kostan was very thankful for his new and dry set of clothes. To help he passed out the other clothes that Regina had serendipitously purchased for Korak and Axle. Unfortunately there were no extra clothes for her or the timid wizard. However she actually preferred to be covered in less clothes. Mel’s clothes did end up drying yet slower as he gathered fuel for the fire.

    Axel got his barring pointed the group towards the direction of the path of the Old Imperial Road. The azure sky began to slowly fill with clouds as the afternoon passed, which should help keep the night warmer than it has been.

    After a few hours into their hike, sounds of a bird shrieking and the violent flapping of wings can be heard coming from the canopy above out of sight. It sounds as if some predator is attacking one or more birds.


    Axel make a Perception check please.

    Are we going to continue the normal marching order of Axel up front, followed by Korak & Regina in the middle with Bandit the cattle dog and Mel & Kostan in the rear with Tozer the Sheep/work dog and gear?

    Go ahead and post if you have anything you want to do or say during the afternoon’s hike. Tomorrow I’ll post the evening and set up camp. You’ll reach the road a whole day ahead of the other route if you would have gone north instead. The risk payed off. Don’t worry about taking your time, this will give the other chapter folks a chance to post and get us a pit closer to the main encounter with everyone.

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