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Thread: Chapter 1.6: Heller's Home

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    "I see them. Let's go find out why they're here." He sets off toward the tower.

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    "Agreed." Tarian is very curious about the women who are inside, and moves to walk alongside the knight.

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    From across the castle, Linfir and Evelyn see a heavily armored knight come into view. He sees them and says something to the others with him before he clambers over the rock pile, sending more debris cascading down in a small cloud of dust. He is clearly headed in their direction.

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    (OOC: Please ignore my terrible Photoshop skills. Also, I apologize in advance for the image size. It was impossible to avoid. You should be able to zoom in and see your character token. Linfir is also on the upper floor of the tower - I just need character art for her before I can create her token. She is looking out the same archway/arrow slit as Evelyn.)

    To the west, Vanya see the remnants of an encampment which was set up inside the castle grounds. To the north lies a structure of sorts with several doors. Just to the right of that is the tower - the upper floor is occupied by the two women. From his vantage point, Olwyn notes a well near the center of the castle grounds. Meanwhile, Edric and Tarian make for the double doors at the base of the tower while Heller and Samaya are left standing on the road outside the castle wall. To their left lies a portcullis which blocks the road. Above the portcullis, a walkway overlooks the road, and south of the road are Wyllem and Beryl, resting alongside the party's horses.

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    Default Chapter 1.6: Heller's Home

    Samaya grips her staff tight in her hand and follows along behind the rest. She looks curiously about at thrir surtoundings, having not seen such a ruin before.

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    Heller follows Samaya, trailing about twenty feet behind. He watches his footing as he negotiates his way up the rubble.

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    Vanya lets out a sigh and shakes her head at all the noise her companions make. Though seemed she was unseen for the moment and decided to head towards the encampment nearby. To take cover from any fire from the tower and to make sure there wasn't any surprises lurking.

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    Deciding to make the most of his less than stellar entry into the Courtyard. Olywn stands fast and watches as the various members of the party split into their directions, he keeps an arrow nocked and ready to be drawn, his eyes roam from the tower, to the well, to the encampment.... then back again. The crawling sensation on his skin only heightening his sense of paranoia. His eyes rest upon his arm, to watch as a dislodged bug from the crumbled wall creeps along his flesh. His brow furrows as he quickly flicks the bug off his arm. Before resuming his observations....sans bug.
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    Vanya moves 60 feet west into the center of the encampment, passing by a door in a wooden wall to the south. From here, she can see several stone ramps which lead up to the top of the outer wall enclosing the castle. Two such ramps are along the southern portion of the western wall and the third is on the western portion of the southern wall. She can also see inside several of the tents which are full of smelly blankets and appear recently used, further confirming that the castle is not abandoned as advertised.

    Meanwhile, as Tarian and Edric move 60 feet north towards the base of the tower, they pass by a closed door in a wooden wall to the east. As they approach the tower, the double doors on the lower level are closed, and neither of the two women can be seen in the upper level. However, Tarian and Edric can now see into what was once a large, partially enclosed area on the eastern side of the castle. Through the archway lies a room which is 40 feet wide and 50 feet long. The space might have once been the base of a great tower. Now, it was home to piles of collapsed masonry and scattered rubble.

    Olwyn stands guard atop the pile of rubble which was once the southeast corner of the outer wall, and Samaya soon reaches him as she moves to follow the rest of the group into the castle grounds. Heller trails behind her some twenty feet, leaving Wyllem, Beryl, and the horses near the southern tower which helps frame the large, closed portcullis.


    Meanwhile, across the castle...


    Linfir and Evelyn watch from the tower windows as the female elf and her companion, the male knight, advance on their position. They also spy another female elf heading west towards the campsite. Two more figures come into view. A female half-elf soon joins the human male atop the rubble pile which was once the southeast portion of the castle's outer wall. Behind them, a human wearing a metal mask over his face can also be seen negotiating the rubble as he heads north towards the castle courtyard.

    (OOC: Still waiting on character art for Linfir so I can make her token. Also, I'm going to PM Sleepius and Krivak some more background information so check your inboxes shortly.)

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