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Thread: Chapter 1.6: Heller's Home

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    Heller decides to hustle over to the common room's west wall and carefully open the door there.
    Heller moves around and opens the western door, revealing the same common room and its occupants: Vanya, Olwyn, etc.
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    "That's probably where we need to be going," Edric says as he moves toward the trap door. "One of you care to open it so I'm the one standing in front of it?" He stands in front of the door, shield ready to deflect anything that may emerge.

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    Olwyn moves to open the trapdoor... sitting his warhammer down where he can reach it.... he awaits the signal (when everyone is ready)
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    Heller heads over to a table or chair or something he can use to get just a little height so he can fire downward at the trapdoor if needed without hitting any of his allies.

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    With Heller perched on a nearby table and Edric providing additional cover, Olwyn lifts the trapdoor revealing a straight staircase leading down into the castle's dungeon level. Only flickering light and the crackle of flames emanate up the staircase.

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    "let's hope this is the path to what we seek, anyone with keen eyes or ears that wants to scout ahead?" linfir ask while prepereing a torch just in case it turns dark

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    Evelyn will go ahead and take the lead and slowly progress down the stairs, keeping her keen ears alert.

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    Evelyn pads softly down the stairs into a large 80x50 room. From the bottom of the stairs, which are located in the northeast corner of the room, Evelyn spies 6 columns supporting the ceiling of the large room, a huge fireplace in the southwest corner of the room, and over a dozen cots strewn about the edges of the room revealing this is some kind of barracks. Had it been nighttime, this room would have been full of troops, assuming the castle is in fact occupied. Luckily, it’s daytime and the room is empty except for the blazing fireplace. Evelyn also spies hallways leading west, south, and east out of the room, as well as an archway under the stairs which also leads east.

    Meanwhile, upstairs, the rest of the group congregates around the open trapdoor, waiting for Evelyn to report what she found.

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    Evelyn will gesture if she can to the top of the stairs that it is all clear for them to come down. If she is not visible to the party, she will move back up to notify them of the empty barracks and that there are a few passageways. She says that there is a fire burning down there which will likely mean there are people here.

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