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Thread: [IC] 3 to 20 Dungeon Crawl (total isolation)

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    It seems that more or less, there is enough interest.
    Should i take this to a separate "Game Planning" thread, and make a few polls about.. (can i do polls in tangledweb ?? is there a button i missed???)
    what people prefer most? traps, riddles, bypassing intricate/broken/hardbydesign terrain, alignment conflicts, and most of all, mechanically-homebrewed obstacles...

    Quote Originally Posted by theskyvalker View Post
    I will be up for it if you would have me.
    Sky, i'd like to have a PM (or via roll20) talk with you, about Lana. That said..
    You and Rellot will get and invite when i have things ready.
    Remember that dungeon i put you through at that 1st episode? Where you were looking for & saved Leeloo?
    I'd like to get your feedback on that when we have the "Lana talk", as it would be at the same if not much more
    worked out principle.
    If i recall correct, it had combat (nova as well as tactics encounters), riddles, traps, a few terrain obstacles..
    I still remember that you left behind that "antimagic field generating pearl".
    I had to modify that wizard/sorcerer bbeg fight you had later, on the episode at the island with the phoenix

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    One thing i would like to make clear before anything else..
    The first encounter... the one you pick your supplies.
    It will be an ongoing one. Don't be angry with me when the X hostile targets your.. hmm.. arcane focus crystal and breaks it.
    You had the opportunity to buy a spare..
    Or if.. lets say.. you end up naked with pieces of tin strapped around your shoulders with string of rope,
    because no one thought to get one (or more) armor maintenance kit, to repair your regularly banged up armor.
    Same goes for everything.
    You fell in a frozen lake, and now you are all wet, with no time to start a fire and dry up, maybe with a nice soup, because those X creatures
    are 20minutes behind you. Well.. you have great chances of catching a cold or maybe something more serious.
    Uh.. you brought an extra set of clothes? Good for you.

    Money, when talking non magical or non extraordinary rare equipment, wont be an issue as it would be covered by a sponsor or benefactor.
    Just remember that you ll need a way of carrying all these things with you.

    And so we be clear about it, i ll take the "resources book keeping" of your shoulders, and do it myself.
    Unless someone finds it fun & wants to do it, in which case i ll just do it along with him.

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    Hello, I'm back to the site after a long absence. I'd like to throw my hat in as well if you would have me.

    What were you thinking on character creation restrictions? Just PHB? Only Official WotC supplements? 3rd Party?
    Hey all. Back after a long break and ready to crack some heads!

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    would be an interesting concept for sure
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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