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    A: Town Square
    B: Posting Poles
    C: [tavern]
    D: Town Hall
    E: Chapel
    F: General Store
    G: Ravengro Forge
    H: Jominda's Apothicary
    I: Ravengro Jail
    J: The Silk Purse -moneylenders
    K: The Outward Inn
    L: The Unfurling Scroll -schoolhouse
    M1: Vashian Heathmont's House
    M2: Mirta Straelock's House
    M3: Shandra Faravan's House
    M4: Gharen Muricar's House
    N: Lorrimor Residence
    O: [Monument]
    P: Road leads past the Restlands
    Q: Gibb's House
    R: This road leads to the ruins of Harrowstone on a hill about one mile south.
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    The graveyard is the fenced of grassy area above the top bridge?


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