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Thread: Chapter 8.3: The Spark of Chaos

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    Having freed Sirrion, the Sentinels were rewarded in the form of the various blessings from the Firemaster. Before departing, Sirrion spends several minutes conversing with Ult and Velkyn. Sirrion offers Ult the ability to control an elemental of his choice. After thinking about it and conferring, with Velkyn, the dark elf priest again selects a water elemental due to his previous relationship with Typhos. Sirrion seems initially puzzled by this, obviously believing another choice would be better. Still, he complies, and produces an amulet which Ult takes. The group sees that the amulet appears to be made of clear glass in the shape of a sphere. The sphere appears to be about half full of a liquid, likely water, and has some runes etched onto the glass.

    With his priests taken care of, Sirrion turns to the others and concentrates for several minutes. Over time, a portal slowly opens near the throne room. As it slowly appears, the Sentinels (sans Hrothgar) are reminded of the portal that the Queen of Scales arrived through as cultists sacrificed themselves willingly to open the portal faster. This portal appears more quickly, and the Sentinels find that they could walk through it in about 2 minutes. They have to wait an additional 5 minutes for the portal to open large enough to accommodate the giant sized Sirrion. As this portal appears, the edges appear to be on fire and the group stares into what looks to be some kind of palace or city off in the distance. The place looks picturesque if it weren’t for the endless sea of lava occasional erupting volcano behind the palace area. The Sentinels wonder what the city could be, and some hesitantly ask Sirrion about it. The god either doesn’t hear them as he concentrates. Whatever his reason, he doesn’t answer and wordlessly motions them through the now fully formed portal. Praying that their protective bubble holds, they hesitantly step through the portal into the plane of fire.

    The now experienced planar travelers feel the familiar stretching of their being as their bodies are magically pulled across worlds. It’s unclear how much time passes, but when the tugging on their bodies stops, they are standing on a small island surrounded by a churning sea of lava. As the portal showed, a large palace looms above them, with lava pouring out of various rock formations, almost like someone would design water effects in a palace in Therris.

    The group is standing on a small island, maybe 100 yards across. Behind them is a large 30’ diameter gaping portal through which they arrived. Looking through it, they can see Sirrion’s throne room. The ground beneath their feet hisses and crunches as they step on it, and they feel as if they are constantly walking on hot coals without the pain or heat due to the spell’s protection. In front of them stands another portal – this one only probably 6 feet in diameter. Looking through it, they see a room with a small wooden table. A rune covered door is barely visible to one side of the room. There is little else to look at in the room other than bricks. A level of dust appears visible on everything, which makes the others believe that the room is not frequently used, if at all.

    The group is about to debate what to do when Sirrion motions them through, stating that his protective bubble on them would soon end, resulting in their immediate deaths given the obviously insane temperature around them. As they are passing through the portal, the Firemaster tells them, “I did not open this portal, nor do I wish it here. After you pass through this, I will be closing this portal.”

    With that, the Sentinels again pass through one more portal, ending their brief stay on the plane of fire as they feel their again bodies stretching…
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