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    A Friend in Need


    You sit around a sturdy wooden table lit by a brightly burning candle and littered with plates cleared of food and half-drained tankards. The sounds of gamblers yelling and drunken adventurers singing bawdy songs nearly drown out the off-key strumming of a young bard three tables over.
    Then all the noise is eclipsed by a shout: “Ya pig! Like killin’ me mates, does ya?” Then a seven-foot-tall half-orc is hit by a wild, swinging punch from a male human whose shaved head is covered with eye-shaped tattoos. Four other humans stand behind him, ready to jump into the fray. The half-orc cracks her knuckles, roars, and leaps at the tattooed figure — but before you can see if blood is drawn, a crowd of spectators clusters around the brawl. What do you do?

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    Silas is at the table telling random stories of hunts and adventures he has taken. Tales of how he befriended a bear in a cave during a particularly ruthless storm. Silas assumes he befriended the bear since it did not attack him or anything however, Silas was unaware that the bear was simply in hibernation and did not notice that he took shelter during the storm. Some of Silas's stories seem a bit far fetched and not entirely sure if he is telling a truthful story or boasting a bit to impress the table. Either way, Silas is enjoying the drink with everyone at the table. Though he is the lone wolf type as he usually travels on his own and drinks alone in the corner, he always enjoys the company of others while having a pint.

    When the fight breaks out, Silas takes notice of the Half-Orc. He could not miss the giant as he struck the human.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silas
    What do you lot suppose this is about?
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    It was the fourth day since Kassandra left the academy in search of an adventure that would teach her about the world outside the walls of this city.
    Back in the academy she boasted about all the things she knew, her refined abilities in the arcane and her infallible logic.
    These few days she spent without the coddling of her House, she realized that she was missing a quality that would prove useful to anyone
    that wanted to undertake such an endeavor; street smarts.
    Proof of that was the later incident this noon. She was walking through the streets of the Trades Ward, looking for an opportunity to find her.
    Soon a man, not much older than her, approached her offering to set up a meeting with someone who could find her a job and it would only cost a couple of silver coins.
    The meeting was to take place here, at the Yawning Portal Inn and Tavern, about four hours ago. Obviously the man had no intention or even the sources to keep up with that deal.
    Kassandra decided to stay there for dinner, as she had nothing for the entire day, sitting alone at the only vacant table available.
    As the minutes became hours, more and more customers arrived at the tavern, and soon some of them asked if they could joined at the table.
    She was reluctant at first, even declining to a few of them, especially that drunk, smelly half orc, but soon she saw she had no choice but to allow
    a few.. descent looking travelers to sit with her.
    She spent most of the time listening to their stories, and fought the urge to argue with any inconsistencies or obvious lies she heard,
    as she was too tired & disappointed after what had happened, and most likely, it was the ale talking.

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    Thorin had made a terrible mistake. He had thought that in such a large city with so many taverns and bars their would always be need for someone with musical talent.
    Nothing could have been further from the truth, because for many nights now he had visited several bars in the area and in each and every one of them, he had found another bard already playing. And terrible at that!
    He had tried to convince the bartenders to let him play the marvelous instrument from his clan; the bagpipe, but each time they had politely refused him.

    After his most recent rejection he had decided to stay in the tavern for a couple of drinks at one of the tables.
    A elf next to him was telling some interesting stories, about awesome adventures and epic hunts he had undertaken.
    Although Thorin enjoyed himself, he made sure that he held a firm lead of emptied tankards at the table. He can’t have some humans or elves drink him under the table now can he?

    As the fight breaks out, Thorin hastily grasps his tankard from the table and finishes the remainder of his drink with one last swig.
    "Maybe he was ey’n him too much, or he insulted ‘is ma. All ay know is that this is something ye gotta see, because their is nah better entertainment; than a good tavern brawl!"
    With that he slams his empty tankard on the table causing it to shake and waits for others to join him.

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    Silas is willing to join Thorin in seeing the fight up close but waits to see how the rest of the group reacts.

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    The polite, if somewhat impoverished-looking, moon elf had introduced himself as Jayven. He listened to the wood elf's tales, not believing a single word. He greeted the dwarf in Dwarvish, and recommended that the bard talk to the publican at the Bowels of the Earth in the Trades Ward. Jayven mentioned that he was a resident of the city, and offered his services as a guide, should any of his drinking companion need one.


    When the fighting breaks out, Jayven rises from his seat and turns to Kassandra.

    "I suggest relocating to the stairs," he says calmly. "That is usually a safe place to wait out a brawl, and halfway up provides a good vantage point."​ He gestures to the stairs leading up to the rooms above.

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    As Silas' story draws to a close, Vannis laughs from the audience. Quickly, he begins his own story with a slightly competitive smile. He recalls a time that he was captured by pirates, claiming that they had hunted him for miles after he singlehandedly sunk another ship in their fleet. Then, he claims that after just an hour as their prisoner, he escaped and fought his way off of the ship. In reality, the pirates had captured him after he had failed to defend his own ship from attack, and he had been on the pirates' ship for days before escaping when it took some damage in a skirmish with another ship and sunk, but it makes a good story all the same.

    He laughs and gestures to Silas with no malice in his voice, genuinely excited to hear a new story. "You're up." However, he is interrupted as a brawl breaks out.

    Hearing Silas' question ("What do you lot suppose this is about?"), he shrugs and says "Let's find out" before stepping in the direction of the crowd of spectators.
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    Kassandra, usually accompanied by a pair of guards when she was out of the academy, had never had the chance to actively deal
    with that kind of incidents a few years back, when she was strolling out in the city.
    This time, she had none, per her request; none except these newfound friends that although most of them seemed eager to join the crowd,
    at least one of them offered to get her to safety.. or what he though safe was.
    Kassandra stands and follows Jayven towards the stairs, making sure to get a nice point of view at both the newly started brawl, as well as
    the door of the tavern (assuming it is open), or a window overlooking the same road as the door.

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    The sounds of drunken cheering and meaty impacts can be heard as the characters make their decisions. For the shorter characters it is hard to make out much of the fight from their current vantage point and those heading closer find themselves having to push their way forward.

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    Struggling to get a proper look at the fight, Vannis steps into the crowd. As he finds himself facing the wall of spectators, he attempts to slip through any openings he can find. When there isn't an opening, he gives a bit of a nudge and pushes past.

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