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    So we've gained the forum I will be pming links to this in the next 24 hours and also trying to work on prepping things to get started.
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    may i suggest a few steps to make this "Start" a bit easier for you??

    The main subforrums every game needs are:
    1) "In Charcter - Episode 1"
    2) "Out of Character - Episode 1"
    3) "Introduce your Character"
    4) "Wishlist & Upcoming Plans"

    1 & 2 are self explanatory.
    3 will give players something to do while you prepare everything else, and a place for the Character Sheets' Links to be for fast reference.
    4 is mostly for you (the DM), to have an idea of what the player wants to do in the future with their character mechanically wise (feats, multiclass etc..)
    and what rewards (if not already picked by an official campaign book) would like to find at some point (determined by you).

    Of course, there is the possibility of knowing all these and want to do them but you currently luck the time.
    In any way, we ll be here

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    Sorry about that work became hectic and then broke my laptop while traveling. I will try to get this started today.
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    For what reason are we together on the same table? Weren't there other tables or taverns? And even if, what are we talking about if anything?
    Our characters don't know each other, and by background they shouldn't. Was there a special circumstance that drove us all here at the same table?
    Just give us a plausible reason so we get in role...
    Maybe happy hour? Or someone called us here and didn't showed up?

    Sorry for making it hard, but I see no reason for Kassandra to go in a tavern to have dinner & and drinks with some strangers.

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    Well you all can discuss that but if you want me to decide the answer will be a simple it was the table with space to sit.

    I won't hold your hands through this and if you want to make it hard to bring your characters together then that will be a problem for you the players to solve. I control the npcs not the pcs. If you found yourself painting yourself into a corner because of the way you designed your character all I can say is good luck.
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    In regards to starting together in the "In Character" thread: Are we supposed to RP the buildup to the fight breaking out (where we're introducing ourselves to each other) or just jump right into the fight?

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    I will leave that up to you all, if you play it out I will write up any needed NPC interaction (barmaids and such), but once you all are settled talking is when the fight will break out.
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    I think you misunderstood what i was saying.
    I didn't ask for you to give us a narrative as to how or why we end up there and already a team.
    I just asked for the chance to do that ourselves.
    Get to know each other, have the first impression, and start building the bond a team needs.

    So.. i ll post shortly in the IC, having Kassandra be the first one to arrive at the tavern earlier this afternoon,
    if no one minds me be the first one there. About NPC interaction, since most of what i'm going to narrate is
    purely fluff, just so i present how and why she got there (no consequence whatsoever to the main story),
    i don't think there would be the need for any 2 way interaction for Kassandra.

    Posting within the next 20-30 minutes.. need to make dinner first.

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    A opportunity to have our characters meet for the first time would be great (although honestly I don’t think that it would effect the main story that much).
    I fear however that it would delay the campaign quite a bit.
    Perhaps we could make a separate “prologue” thread (that happened in the hour before the event)? Here we can have the time of the world to introduce our characters without significantly increasing the workload for southeast, or cluttering the in character thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kerilstrasz View Post
    So.. i ll post shortly in the IC, having Kassandra be the first one to arrive at the tavern earlier this afternoon,if no one minds me be the first one there.
    No objections here.
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    I believe I did misunderstand you.

    My intention was just to just have everyone summarize entering the tavern (for whatever reason your character would though hopefully potentially seeking working partners). During the course of it ending up in a table together and having been there long enough to enjoy each others company. That way less rp time would be taken with the whole 'should I work with so-and-so'.
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