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    Quote Originally Posted by Balrog View Post
    Ruthis the Elf Cleric! ​ (hope i didnt stuff too much up)

    Although born in a family of wealth, the life of ease and luxury has never appealed to him.Instead of watching and learning much of his father's trade of a merchant, he hid in the local temple, burying himself in books, lost legends, romours, old traditions, and entering a secret pact with a deity forbidding himself from speaking to anyone of it.Several generations ago his family was infused with dragon blood, and ever since he was informed of that knowledge it only awoke a desire inside him for more knowledge. While at the temple he fell in talk with the pofessor, and caught by his eloquence and understanding, accompanied him the following day on his journey. The long talks and the short trip inspired mutual trust and friendship.After Ruthis completed several small tasks for him, the professor felt he could be entrusted with greater things in the future...
    HP should be 10 I believe. (hd8 + 1 CON + 1 favoured class bonus)
    Base Fortitude and base Willpower should be 2.
    Your knife attack modifier should use MAB not RAB.

    Secret pact thing is unclear. I think you mean that he does not publicly acknowledge the source of his power for fear of being branded a heretic because his patron is not a recognised demigod but I'm not sure. Maybe clarify more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StillClimbing View Post
    HP should be 10 I believe. (hd8 + 1 CON + 1 favoured class bonus)
    Base Fortitude and base Willpower should be 2.
    Your knife attack modifier should use MAB not RAB.

    Secret pact thing is unclear. I think you mean that he does not publicly acknowledge the source of his power for fear of being branded a heretic because his patron is not a recognised demigod but I'm not sure. Maybe clarify more?

    Fixed. And by secret pact i meant he took an oath not to speak of it to anyone outside the order.

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    Default Character Creation

    Mikial Hydelberg was born in the rugged county of Vieland, Ustalav. One of the innumerable scions of the prestigious Hydelberg family, he grew up in the picturesque town of Lepidstadt, where the Lesser Moutay River and the great forest of the Shudderwood gives way to the fertile, rolling plains of Vieland before being walled off in the east by the sky scraping Tusk Mountains. When finally old enough to pursue a trade, the exceedingly precocious young man was loaded up with what funds his family could spare and packed off to Ustalav’s internationally renowned center of learning, the prestigious Lepidstadt University to study the “mortal sciences”, become a great doctor and study under several of the great masters. And it was here that the troubles all started.

    In addition to studying in the understanding of anatomy and medicine, Mikial was inducted into one of the numerous dueling fraternities. Malkenclaw house tested his body while the lecture halls tested his mind. The prodigy took to alchemy immediately, reveling in the idea of transmutation – the change of one thing into another, by means chemical or arcane. “Alchemy,” he frequently proclaimed to his friends, “is pure magic, even when it isn’t.” Within a few short years, the brilliant and studious Mikial had learned enough from his instructors that they set him loose to pursue his own studies becoming advisors and respected colleagues rather than true masters. Amongst these colleagues and trusted mentors was Professor Lorrimor.

    Yet he had learned more than just strange formulae in the University. As cheerful and innocent as it seemed on the surface, Mikial’s obsession with what he called “the Change” went beyond the simple curatives of an apothecary, beyond even the magical and explosive concoctions of those alchemists trained for battle. In his eternal quest to understand his theories better, Mikiel gave himself literally to his studies, and began to use his concoctions on his own flesh, striving to unlock the full potential of his body. What emerged from those long, sleepless nights was something else entirely. Something dangerous.

    University chronicle documents don’t speak of the way his friends noticed the change in his eyes, which became increasingly wild as lack of sleep and increasing amounts of “invigorating aether” took their toll. They also don’t note the sudden rash of crimes in the area surrounding the university. They certainly don’t mention the young woman found in an alley just off campus, her face and throat ripped out and her stomach found with deep gashes from what appeared to be claws in an attempt to hide her identity – and the identity of her killer. In truth, the later would be difficult to decipher anyway, as even the killer himself might have trouble recognizing the monster that would take a girl’s life simply for seeing something she shouldn’t. All this was played off for another attack by the Beast of Lepidstadt, ever more hungry acts of violence and flesh.

    Mikial was no longer the man that he once was. In his thirst for ever-greater secrets, he had unlocked enormous potential – strange tinctures that quickened his movements to a blur, or twisted his constitution to survive any poison or malady. Yet while he gained ever-increasing control over the vagaries of his flesh, these discoveries took their toll, further awakening something deeper in his ancestral history. He fell deep into obsession, deeper than even the aether he was so fond of could match. He would lose himself to the Change, only to wake from a maddened stupor and find that he’d done terrible things. And worse, it began to happen when he didn’t imbibe his formula.

    Struggling to keep his transformations a secret, Mikial now turned his studies to preventing the Change. It seemed to become exceedingly difficult the more he experimented. Unable to produce any valid attempt at a cure he felt it was finally time to share his deepest secret with his most trusted mentor, Professor Lorrimor. The two of them slowly learned how to better understand his changes. Yet no matter how hard they tried they were unable to fully find a cure for the Change. However through their studies, gone were the blackouts, the uncontrolled and senseless violence. In their place grew a hard and haunted-eyed young man. Handsome save for his wild look and the Lepidstadt scar on his right cheek. Then Mikial received word of the death of his closest friend and mentor. The grief caused him to relapse and begin using the invigorating aether once again. The compiling stress of the loss of his friend and colleague, he worked even harder to make up for the loss of such a brilliant mind. The thought that he may now never find a cure continued to haunt his mind. Perhaps if he attended the funeral and reading of Professor Lorrimor’s Will would give him some hope. With his fellow alumni, Qui and Ken, they departed for Ravengro the following day. The dark and cloudy skies did not help ease their grief as they sat in silence in the coach for most of the 3 days.

    I’ll have my character sheet ready tomorrow. Sorry it’s taken some time. Someone quit at the office so I’ve had to share the extra load.

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    I was born in a mining village near Feldgrav. The trees waved in a friendly manner that bright summer morning,when,strangely enough,the wind brought a weird black powder on it's pleasant breeze. At first we thought little of it,thinking it was just someone doing the routine task of cleaning out the forge chimneys. We laughed,making wonderful jokes about who we thought had the dirty task! Only when some of the miners started coughing did we become alarmed. Soon after,when one after another of the miners fell sick,did we realize to our horror that a strange disease was making prey of our small establishment. More than one runner were dispatched to the Professor,currently studying the large library in Feldgrav. He arrived the following morning,but by that time most had died. All of us had caught the disease,but my family were among the last to contract it. The professor did what he could,but only a few families were saved,and that with great loss. My own family,well,only me and my parents made it out alive. The professor explained sadly it was the work of necromancers. We thanked him greatly for saving our lives. I was 11 at the time,but still remember very vividly that day. A few years passed,and I was sixteen! My sire promised me that he would take me away from the old dingy mine to see a little of the world. We went hunting that day,though I never expected that day to be another one I would remember bitterly. We were walking quietly,stalking a deer,when two skeleton archers appeared through the brush. My sire was slaughtered immediately,but I escaped and ran for my life in a panic -back to my town. I went slowly at first,not knowing where the cursed undead were waiting for me to appear. I somehow got to my village again,but stopped in the bushes,peering through. What I saw made my heart jump into my stomach! Several evil-looking men were laughing as some skeletons kicked our village elder(half-dead by this time)and killed him ruthlessly. The houses were aflame and I saw to my horror that they were raising my mother and the rest of the slaughtered miners back from the dead in front of my eyes. "Hahaha!I'll bet these new slaves will get tired of all that flesh after a a few years of working for us!Too much weight! Hahaha,we'll have to probably cut it off for 'em!"one of the more sinister of the crew cackled in obvious glee. That was all I could stand. I fainted soon after. I was told later on that the professor had found me when he had checked out the smoldered village,suspecting some evil to be there. Again he had saved my life,this was the second time -we became very close friends from that time on.
    After all I had seen -both my parents and my village slaughtered by undead,then raised by necromancers,I solemnly vowed to become a member of the fighting force of those who preyed on such evil creatures -the Undead Scourges. I trained at the Knights of Ozem keeping close contact with my friend,the professor. After my training was complete,I put myself under the service of the professor. I was out on one of his quests when news of his sudden departure reached me,and I hurried to return to Ravengro.

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