One of the most common homebrew classes I see are Swordmage/Witch Hunter/arcane half casters, a mix of martial and wizard. I like the concept, but I wanted to see one that stuck as close as possible to the framework of the original PHB classes; most have some new, wacky mechanic that I feel is re-inventing the wheel.

Where started was with the Paladin and stripped out the divine elements, then replaced them with wizard-y ones. I wrote up the included subclasses to mimic the School of X format in in the Wizard class (though I've got two Transmutation themed ones and no Enchantment one yet).

My vision for these guys is they're the ones the Wizards trained to guard them who eventually went on to become a force on their own. I included two new fighting styles, two new spells, and eight subclasses so far.

Any feedback you could provide would be very, very appreciated.

Here's the link: The Shieldwitch on Homebrewery.