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Thread: Chapter 7.9: Fly you fools

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    Default Chapter 7.9: Fly you fools

    After about five seconds, the ground stops shaking, and the Sentinels pick themselves out of the water. They look at each other warily, unsure what that sound was.

    Ult is the first react. He calls out, "Typhos, we have need of you again, my friend." A large water elemental rises from behind the dam that the Sentinels broke earlier. It was clear that this was no normal water elemental, and it had to adjust it's rippling body to fit within the confines of the 15' tall ceiling. The elemental wordlessly departed down the waterway that the Sentinels had just climbed out of, moving to intercept whatever threat was coming their direction.

    Ult looked at the narrow passageway that they all had to ascend out of. The shaking of the ground had actually caused several people to have fallen down the chute, and now there were around a dozen Firewalkers in line to ascend the narrow, slippery chute to freedom.

    He frowned and comments, "The prisoners have already made it to the top. They are free." His mind is spinning as he tries to figure out a way out of this mess. Minutes ago, he was relieved that the plan went well... much better than he anticipated. Even with heavy losses, which he regrettably expected, there was hope.

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    Kalthanar rubs the water from his eyes, “What is happening?”

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    Vort pulls a rope off of his pack, ties off one end to a boulder and tosses the rest down to the drow trying to ascend the chute, "No dilly-dallying, get up here."

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    Kalthanar yells, "Climb!"

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    Vort looks to see if there is any way to collapse the tunnel to the waterfall/temple area, after a quick prayer of Guidance to his god.

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    Seconds drag on into minutes as the group tries to retreat. At the outset, the most risky part of plan was clearly going to be the retreat up a long narrow, slippery tunnel best compared to a water slide.

    Vortigern assess the ceiling of the cavern looking for a way to create a natural barrier, but nothing obvious comes to mind. He realizes fairly quickly that if the entire cavern can shake like it just did and the ceiling remain intact that nothing that he could do would probably make much difference.

    The Firewalkers continue their ascent, and with only 4 of them left to go, the Sentinels get in line. Ult brings up the rear, looking down to the tunnel. As another man begins his ascent, a large crack is heard as a wave of water rushes back towards them. Ult stares in disbelief at the wave of water and stammers, "Typhos has fallen."

    He looks looks at the group and down the passage. He pushes another man up the shaft and moves back to the intersection. The ground begins shaking again as something large is coming up the waterfall. He nervously looks around, before stating, "The well. It's our only option."

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    Rian looked around at his companions. "Follow him in the well or try to climb out?"

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    "Fuck it, the well!" Vort remembered the last time he fell down a well and although he had undead chasing him and wanting to cornhole him, his cornhole was still intact and he had mete out justice in Reorx's name or and over again, so yeah, the well sounded pretty good. "C'mon, get a move on!"

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