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Thread: Chapter 7.6: Bloodbath

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    OOC: you don't have as much time as you think. Your search, discussion, etc has eaten up time.

    As Kalthanar leaves, Alyssa hurriedly departs towards the waterfall and Kalthanar heads back to the others. He looks down the passageway. The sound of battle has died to nothing, and is replaced by a priestess's booming voice, "Form up, you dogs! You there - stop tending to him. Don't waste your time on the weak."

    Kalthanar doesn't have to go back to realize that this pathway isn't much of an option.

    OOC: let me know if you want to check their numbers. It is clear who the victor was, either by clear victory or retreat.

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    Kalthanar wants to check their numbers as it is imperative to know if a small army is on the way.
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    Kalthanar heads east, further investigating the sounds that he's hearing. Upon reaching the edge of the narrow tunnel leading to the center outpost, Kalthanar sees that whatever battle was waged here is now over. Several dozen bodies are strewn around the area, over half of which are wearing blue arm bands. The area is partially flooded and the passage to the south that leads to the living quarters is collapsed. The wooden outpost here that guards against threats from further below is on fire, and several drow are working to extinguish it.

    One drow priestess is rallying the remaining drow into formation, which is around 25 members strong. Their condition various from several elite men that proudly stand at the front of the line, helping assist the priestess to others than are burnt or can barely stand upright.

    The assembled group is facing this way and is likely seconds to minutes away from marching back toward the temple.

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    Kalthanar sprints back to the Sentinels.

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