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Thread: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist [5e pbp]

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    Enjoying reading characters, though I forgot to remind earlier but please try to include why your character might be in water deep. It can be simply to see the sights or to visit a relative: that is doesn’t need hyper detail. I say this because when this starts I will work in why your characters are at the same location and time and will be using your background to do so.
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    Vannis Saetria, a Half-Elf Fighter, has served as a mercenary on many ships throughout his life. Leaning back casually in the middle of a crowd at the Yawning Portal Inn and Tavern, he recalls an instance in which his ship was attacked by a "fleet of nearly 200 pirates." He's a sailor, so this is without a doubt a gross exaggeration. As the crowd begins to press him, asking questions he isn't prepared to answer, he quickly pivots the conversation away. Instead, he makes a wager with a half-orc sitting at the bar. The crowd grows quiet as they take each other's hands and rest their elbows on the table. As they arm wrestle, it looks for a moment that Vannis might have a chance of winning. The half-orc wavers, then smiles, and slams Vannis' knuckles down onto the solid wooden bar. Vannis shakes his hand in a vain attempt to ward off the stinging in his knuckles as the half-orc makes a joke about "elven cockiness." Vannis laughs, reaches into his purse, and pushes a coin onto the bar. The bartender picks up the coin slides a drink to the half-orc, whom Vannis claps on the shoulder.

    Vannis is a sailor at heart and it shows. With humble beginnings as the son of a shipwright, he found a second family on the sea. This second family taught him to swear, sail, drink and, above all else, fight. His ability to fight only developed further as he took up jobs as a guard on merchant ships traveling from one port to another. He lived like this for years, finding new jobs as soon as the last one ended. At one point on his journey, he was captured by pirates who, as a punishment for killing their crewmates, subjected him to intense torture and lashed him for each of their men he had killed, giving him a network of shallow scars across his back. After a long and arduous journey, his most recent job has landed him in Waterdeep. As he searches for jobs, he has found lodging at the Yawning Portal Inn and Tavern, where he spends his evenings telling stories of his journeys and gambling with the locals. Personality wise, he is confident and entertaining, always putting on a show of one kind or another. However, his sharp tongue and willingness to fight can and often do bring him trouble.

    I'm feeling really happy with this character. There's a full backstory on the character sheet if you're interested (I basically just tore a few sections from that for the description here), which I might flesh out a little more once I finish my second character.

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    Alright, I just finished the rough versions for my two entries:

    Character 1: Thorin Silverbreath, the (Scottish) dwarfen bard
    Thorin has lived most of his life in the hills “working” as a bard in the local inns and taverns.
    Here he build up a reputation as a damn good bagpipe player, but also a hothead that would become even more red in his face than his beard, if somebody dared to insulted him or his clan.

    His attitude and sharp tongue had landed him in quite the amount of trouble in the past,
    but being part of an old (if what small) clan and by spreading joy with his music and stories, he made people tolerate if not outright like him quite a bit.

    This didn’t change much for Thorin after the “incident” and his subsequent exile from the hills.

    Today Thorin has made Waterdeep his dwarfen home, playing just as he had in the hills on his ol’ bagpipes and telling the stories he gathered over the years.

    Still the fear that he has disappointed his ancestors with his exile lingers over him.
    Causing him to grow a itch for glory and wealth that would inspire stories of their own right and
    spread the name of clan Silverbreath through out the lands.

    Character 2: Unn Bearbane, the human barbarian
    Unn was born and raised in the Ghost tree tribe far in the north in the heart of the high forest.
    Here he established himself as a capable hunter and strong warrior by slaying a mighty black bear together with a group of fellow hunters.

    Yet Unn was carving more than a life inside the tribe, fueled by a strange fascination with the “civilised” world outside the forest. After stewing in these feelings for years this wanderlust finally managed to overcome his feelings of duty and kinship for his tribe. This Compelled him to seek permission from the chieftain and elders to start a journey to earn glory and renown for himself and the tribe.

    Today Unn finds himself in a bit of pickle.
    His purse has become worryingly light because of his drinking habit and no new caravan is willing to hire him on as a guard.
    Fortunate for him, one of his former colleagues mentioned a certain tavern in Waterdeep, one where he might be able to find more work.

    What I posted here are the short descriptions of the characters, on their respective sheets you can find a much longer background story (if you are interested).
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    Good job everyone, I will be trying to go over the sheets and if I have any issues or concerns I will send you a pm. I might not get around to commenting until Monday depending on how things go this weekend.

    For any keeping track of the first post do not fear if you name is in red it just means you have not yet submitted your characters for review and is no indication of whether you are in or not in the game.
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    Hope I'm not too late.....

    Character One
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (2, 4, 1, 6, 4) [14]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (4, 3, 4, 1, 5) [13]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (1, 6, 6, 3, 4) [16]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (5, 6, 1, 6, 6) [18]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (6, 5, 3, 3) [14]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (3, 2, 6, 6) [15]

    Character Two
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (3, 3, 1, 4, 6) [13]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (1, 3, 4, 4, 6) [14]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (1, 4, 4, 2, 4) [12]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (4, 4, 1, 3, 3) [11]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (2, 2, 3, 2) [7]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(4d6r1b3) (6, 6, 5, 3) [17]

    Probably going to submit a cleric and a ranger rogue. I can have completed characters ready within 24 hours.

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    This is closed from further petitions for play. Those who made it are listed in the first post and have until next Friday to produce their characters.

    shadow I will go ahead and let you petition since you were close enough.
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    Character 1: Jayven, Moon Elf Rogue - will go either Thief or Assassin, depending upon character experiences during gameplay; I am willing to multiclass him to cleric if the party needs a healer

    Character 2: Talia, Sun Elf Cleric of Corellon Larethian - Life Domain, but she has no problem killing when needed

    Sheets are almost complete. Their backstories (Other Notes) include why they are in Waterdeep.

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    I'm a bit late - as always, my own fault, due to family circumstances.

    Please consider me on the shortlist should you require another player down the track. I confess I don't know much about Waterdeep, but then I don't know much about the world's in most of the games i'm playing in. Makes for a more fun experience to me.
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    Added why both characters are in Waterdeep in the post that includes the links to their character sheets!

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    I'm in the process of creating my 2nd character that (by the looks of it) would be the one i'll enjoy most of all to play,
    both for role/skills and for the roleplay i have in mind.

    So, a little teaser..
    A noble diviner wizard, citizen of Waterdeep.

    That's all for now

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