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Thread: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist [5e pbp]

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    Welcome back

    Don't forget to check the last minute entries

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    After consideration of party balance and the work put into the characters the final lineup will be:

    1. Jayven - Rogue - shadowthebard
    2. Vannis Saetria - Fighter - horseyfatback
    3. Thorin Silverbreath - Bard - masterxlord
    4. Silas Indrasil - Ranger - Sleepius
    5. Kassandra Eltorchul - Wizard - kerilstraz
    Yawning Portal: Alex Corval -- Inventory Sheet

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    Awesome! Any idea as to when we'll be getting started?

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    Southeast already asked for a forum.
    So we are waiting for an admin to create one, then Southeast is going to prepare it with the necessary subforums & intro.
    After that, we ll either get notified in this forum or via mail, with a link to our game forum.

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    I updated my sheet a bit for some stuff I was missing as far as background. I am not good at filling out those but I will lay out here some stuff in the hopes that I am not missing anything and to clarify anything that may be confusing.

    Silas is an adventurer that generally keeps to himself. He lives in the wilds alone and will always find a quiet corner of the tavern to enjoy his ale. He enjoys his ale a bit too much at times. This will lead him to begin telling completely irrelevant and pointless stories to anyone who is willing to listen. Someone can ask him what brings him to town and, if hes had enough drink, may begin telling some pointless story of a time that he tracked a set of foot prints he thought were those of an intruder coming across his camp, only to realize that they were in fact his footprints from earlier. He also does not appreciate those abusing their power to persecute someone weaker than them. He will generally step in and aide those who can't protect themselves.

    While he is an adventurer, he generally does his adventuring to procure the coin he needs to survive. he does not desire to be one of the wealthy nobles, but simply to live within his means.

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