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Thread: Chapter 44.7 Mass Combat

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    Attack light blue.

    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(2d20b1+3) (3, 9) [12]

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    Defending well against Zavros' unit and taking damage from the unit beside it, it was time for the counterattack as one of the units to the east of Zavros is decimated and out of the contest of arms.


    ooc: 1 defense roll vs Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d20+9) [10] and then you can take your turn

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    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(2d20b1+3) (5, 8) [11]

    Then Attack blue again.

    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(2d20b1+3) (10, 14) [17]

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    The unit Zavros is attacking continue to rebuff his attack and counter attacks, whilst all around the sounds of battle echo across the field.


    ooc: 1 defense roll versus Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d20+9) [19] (should be 18), then your turn-- if you have no intention of moving, then go ahead and roll 3 more defense rolls and 3 attack rolls.
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    I will keep attacking the light blue.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDefense - (2d20b1+3) (9, 18) [21]

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDefense - (2d20b1+3) (20, 10) [23]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDefense - (2d20b1+3) (11, 18) [21]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDefense - (2d20b1+3) (15, 15) [18]

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack - (2d20b1+3) (20, 2) [23]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack - (2d20b1+3) (15, 1) [18]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack - (2d20b1+3) (4, 1) [7]

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    As the battle rages on, the unit to Zavros' north is barely able to hurt him as they battle on and do take casualties from the other unit also attack from the west. All around them the battle rages on and two units fall to the other's swords.


    ooc: please defend versus Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d20+7) [23] . Your unit strength is +2. If you intend to stand and deliver, roll at least 2 more attack and defense rolls.
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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDefend - (2d20b1+2) (19, 3) [21]

    Disengage to cell G24.

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    Unable to defend itself well, Zav calls off his unit and moves by two other units. Unfortunately, the one unit to his west attacks.


    ooc: make one defense roll vs Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d20+5) [11] . If you survive, then it's your turn again. You can throw in the white towel at any time.

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    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(2d20b1+1) (9, 7) [10]

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    The day ends for Zavros as the remaining men in his unit, beaten to a pulp, give up. The flag goes up for Zavros, stating his unit was out of the competition. As the battlemaster and his men hobbled off the field, several called out to Zavros and say, "Good job leader, we lasted three times longer out there than last year!" Then some pointed over to Stan who was commanding the other unit of commoners, "Hah, I think he's still unconscious!"

    The fighting continued on for some time and it was the noble house of Brandyl that won the day--their orange and brown flag waved high over the field of battle and they would enjoy the fruits of their labor later when it would be announced that House Brandyl would be given the lands of the former noble house, Creylor.
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