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    When scholars whispered in darkest shadows that the end of the Realms was nigh, we chose to ignore them. When they spoke of dire portents, of signs that pointed towards the darkest day to come, we were blind in our ignorance. When they looked at us, and they told us that we were already lost, we laughed in our foolishness.

    Yet......they were right.

    Little did any of us realise that it had begun. That far, far beyond, trapped inside the darkest of voids, something dark stirred. Something both fearsome and terrifying, an evil long thought banished from the world.

    Behind the nightmare veil, the Queen of Dragons Tiamat begins to stir. Her wrath will be both fearsome and terrible. Her shadow will block out the sun. Her breath will both freeze and burn the world. The army of dragons will rise. They will fly -- and they will lay waste.

    Nothing can stand before them.

    None can turn back the oncoming horde.

    This age will fade into the blackness of oblivion, and as Toril burns, amidst the ashes of the ruined wasteland, raped and scourged by its draconian killers, another will arise. For this is the beginning of the Age of Dragons. The mightiest, and most feared age that Toril has ever seen.

    None can stop its rise.

    Or is there someone? Can a brave group of heroes stand against the coming apocalypse -- can they defeat the Tyranny of Dragons?


    The Scene:

    There are those who say that absolutely anything can be found in the fantastical world of Toril. Power, wealth, romance, it is all there for the taking should one know where to look for it.

    They are probably right. Here, anything is possible.

    Greetings brave adventurer. I am Valen, and I will be your guide here on this journey into lands both fantastical and dire. Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable. What you are about to embark upon is a journey that will live on inside you to the very end of time itself. What you are about to embark upon is a tale as old as the land itself. The oldest tale of all, a battle of good versus evil, of brave heroes and beautiful princesses doing battle against a dangerous cult and their draconic armies.

    This is a tale of beautiful princesses, a tale of heroes in shining armour. It is a tale of unspeakable evil and ancient artifacts. It is a tale of vengeful dragons and dangerous sorcerers.

    You will experience many things on this journey. You will be pushed to the very edges of your limits and beyond in the name of liberty. You will battle fell wizards, do battle with the living dead. You will face down a horde of cultists head on, flee angry dragons. You will find true love and lose those dearest to you. Yet, more than anything else, you will learn who you truly are.

    This is the land of the Faerun. This is the world between, where the unexpected is commonplace. Now, it is your home and more than anything else, it is a place where you will seek your freedom. Where freedom and destiny will begin to intertwine.

    But first, brave souls, there is something that I require. Allow me to inscribe some details on this piece of vellum.

    I need to know your Name. I also require your Race, and your Profession (Class) so that I can better understand who I am dealing with.

    Describe yourself to me in a few short paragraphs. I need to understand any mannerisms and habits, both good and bad.

    In addition, tell me about yourself. How do you see yourself as a person? Describe to me your temperament, and the way you behave around others. What do you like? What are your dislikes? I need to understand if your suitable for the task at hand.

    I will also need a short and concise overview of your recent history. I understand that you have come to the town of Greenest in its darkest moment, but I need you to tell me what led to you coming here.

    But first, I need you to answer me these four questions:

    Why do you enjoy PbP?

    What do you look for in a PbP game?

    Describe to me your best experience in a PbP game.

    Describe to me your worst experience in a PbP game.


    Application Process:

    Greetings all.

    Above I have set a scene. I would like you to post your application first answering the four PbP questions above.

    I want you to write it as if you are the character in the scene. Describe yourself entering an interview room, and then answer the four questions above as if you are roleplaying the interview.

    Following this, append the following application details as specified above. This will be a standard character format with the following details:



    Miscellaneous Notes:

    Just a few miscellaneous notes about me and the game. My name is Valen and I've only just returned to the site after a hiatus.

    As you can probably tell I'm more about story and immersion than combat and mechanics. This will be a primarily story and character driven game. I look for good roleplay and great character interactions, and my application format above is designed in such a way to see if your style as a player matches what I am looking for as a GM.

    Other things to note are that if you get in, I expect 1-2 posts a week. If you do not post for two weeks solid without any prior warning, I will remove you from the game. As long as you notify me of any absences beforehand then we are all good.

    If any of the above bothers you, then this is likely not the game for you.

    That said, I look forward to seeing you in here, please don't be shy and say hello .

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    Hello, was just looking threw your very nice presentation of the game!
    I see it's pbp, but for those who don't know. What game does it belong to? ((Pathfinder / d&d ect)) are all the races allowed? Extra material? What level does it start from. It will make it easier for your players to think about a character!
    Good luck with your game and welcome back to the TTW!

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    Red Reputation warning.

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    This sounds like an iteresting idea, though as Krivak said, knowing the system and level and allowed races can help one create a character and know what said character is capable of, even if it is all diceless rp.

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    I admit, as Drew mentioned, the reputation thing is a bit of a concern. I'm not sure I've ever seen a red reputation around here before.

    That said, Valen, you've written up a very compelling and interesting game ad here. The site has been dying for some new GM blood for a while now, so it's a welcome change to see new faces running new games around here. I wish you all the best of luck with the game.

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    I believe I'm starting to see the problem...


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