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    GM Forum Request

    Campaign Name: Shadows of Davokar
    Description: Characters fleeing a dying kingdom seek their fortunes in the promised land under the reaching branches of Davokar. What starts as an attempt to better their own lot soon becomes a struggle to keep corruption from engulfing all.
    GM: Tamlin
    Type of Game: Play-by-Post.
    System: Symbaroum.
    Recruiting Office Link: None. Recruited off of the website.
    Players: Iotian, Rei, Arrgyle, Grimprospect, Lissuin, Nijkezahal
    Mature Content: No. This will be a PG13 game.
    Still Recruiting: No. The game is ready to go, but we have 1-2 who may join (significantly) later.
    Passwords: Yes. Please password protect the game. The group decided they prefer a private game.
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    Approved and done. Check your PMs.
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