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    250 xp from the bug bears.

    Total: 1375

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    50 XP from skeletons

    TOTAL: 1425

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    100 XP from guards.

    TOTAL: 1525

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    +150 XP for freeing the "slaves" and for avoiding the pit trap.

    TOTAL: 1675

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    +500 XP for defeating 11 goblins and locating cragmaw castle!!!

    total XP: 2175

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    +200 XP for defeating the goblins in the banquet hall

    Total XP: 2375

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    So we had 2,375 XP on June 6 of last year according to the post above this.

    On June 25, we killed Crux and got 1,000 XP putting us at 3,375. (Note: This should have put us to level 4, but no one seemed to notice.)

    On July 15, we got TPK'd by the 10 hobgoblins and 6 wolves Sleepius threw at our 3 measly characters. I don't see that we got any XP from that fight, and we woke up in Belaria, the hidden elven city in the Belbourne Forest.

    On August 27, we found a cave and killed the weird dinosaur thing in the water surrounding the temple for another 450 XP putting us at 3,825 XP. (Note: Even without the 1,000 XP from Crux, this should have also put us to level 4, but no one noticed.)

    On September 24, we negotiated with Mimsy, the young red dragon inside the temple, and got Jormud's bow, the summoning gem, and a favor to be called upon in the future, but I don't see any XP gain.

    On October 18, we got another 400 XP from killing an owlbear, putting us at 4,225 XP. (Note: It was here that Raistlin finally suggested we hit level 4 with 2,850 XP when we were actually much farther ahead than that.)

    On November 7, we killed an ochre jelly for another 150 XP, putting us at 4,375 XP. (Note: Sleepius asked if the 100 XP each put us all to 2,850 and no one corrected him or even responded that I can see.)

    On December 11, we killed 5 bugbears for 400 XP each, putting us all to 4,775 XP.

    On March 16, we defeated the flameskull, zombies, and ghouls, and each got 3,050 XP putting us at 7,825. (Note: This puts us over the mark for level 5. Congrats!)

    On May 11, we killed 10 stirges for 250 XP, putting us at 8,075 XP.

    Aaaand, finally, on June 6, we killed 9 skeletons for 450 XP, putting us at 8,525 XP. (Note: Raistlin asks if this is enough to ding level 5.)

    And yes, if you're wondering, this took me a long time to go back and skim a year's worth of posts. I can't believe this game has been going that long already. Cheers to Sleepius!
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    Yes indeed! Nicely done, all! Great pace for a PbP adventure.

    So...are we level 5 now? Level 6? Level 18? haha

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    Once we hear from Sleep, I'll start working on my sheet.

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