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Thread: Returning to the PbP world

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    Hello all,
    I’m a very long time gamer, and have played a variety of rpgs over the years. Some of my favorites have been DnD (3rd and 5th), Pathfinder, 7th Sea, Shadowrun, Warhammer FRP (3rd-I know that’s a weird one), and more recently have become fascinated with Symbaroum. I’ve also done a fair amount of board games and miniature war gaming. I’m a historian by trade, and I enjoy telling stories in these imaginary worlds as well as the real one. I’ve done PbP before, but not for many years. With the scattering of friends and time commitments at work I’m returning to PbP to see about setting up a game for some of my old (and new) players. Thank you for providing the space for online adventuring!
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    Happy to have you, Tamlin.

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    Default Returning to the PbP world

    Would you be interested in playing a Pathfinder campaign? I have a NPC that I would like to convert into a full player character. Please check out my audition post for the Fallow Hills Frontier.

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    Thank you for the kind offer, MTpaladin. I’m working on getting my group ready to start, and I don’t think I’ll have time to devote to another campaign. Perhaps in the future?


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