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Thread: Chapter 41.1 Sully

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    Sully initiates the telepathic link with Lord Brightwater. "He, uh, well, he just insulted you, sir. He called you a halfling and said you were a real piece of crap. And he said you have food on your shirt. He also mentioned something about the things he does for love..."

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    Brightwater didn't react, he was used to being treated like an oddity by humans and most others that towered over him. "Your grace, what is your offer for the jewel in question?" Prince Guran said one thing, but thought another, "I am willing to offer you 400gp for it." 'I hope we can get this over quick and this simpleton doesn't realize the actual worth of the gem,' he thought.

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    “His offer is low and he knows it,” relays Sully. “Ask him what he thinks it’s really worth.”

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