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Thread: Chapter 41: Cormack

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    Esme shrugged, "Yeah, I guess so."

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    Cormack puts the figure away, back in its spot on his writing desk, keeping his back to her for a moment in embarassment. He puts on a smile when he turns back around and tries to change the subject.

    "Anything I should know about our teacher? I've worked with him some, but is it any different once you are one on one?"

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    Esme shrugged again, "Either he likes you or you're screwed--but I think that's most of the masters here. As a girl, I try not to go anywhere private with them, always stay in a group or you'll end up like Lana Holly."

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    Cormack said, "I'm sorry. I didn't know her. What happened?"

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    She crept forward and whispered, "They say the master of the dark arts changed her into a black cat."

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    Cormack's eyes grow large, but then he says, "That seems a weird thing to do? Why would anyone want to do that?"

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    Esme shrugged, "Why does anyone do anything when it comes to magic? Probably because they can." She looked around, noticing there was not a clock around, "Dear me, I've probably spent too long here. I better be off, see you at dinner, and don't forget to wear your new robe--iron it first! Toodles!" With a wave, she left.

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