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Thread: Chapter 40.1 Exit

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    Althir looked to Zavros and said, "The Moonlit Cove should be our destination."

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    Axar nods. He says, "Unless Hildegard gets some kind of direction on the way back, and wants to work on her curse, I am fine with that."

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    Ivar also nods, "Aye, back to land, or track the were-shark, but if we are going after the were-shark-people, we need to find a way to make sure that the rest of us don't end up getting bitten.... and that Hilde needs to kill the one that bit her, which again is hard as we don't know which one it was, and they all look much the same..." He stops realizing that he has begun to ramble, he looks a bit sheepish before saying "Sorry, I'm a bit distracted at the moment".
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    Zavros asks, “Hildegard do you want to end your curse or not?”

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    "Yes, I would like to slay the wereshark who infected me before the next full moon," she replies. "That seems the simplest way to end the curse."

    "The weresharks harmed the mermen as well. The Moonlit cove could be at risk of them."

    She takes a deep breath. "I have no desire bear wereshark children. That might be too much corruption to be overcome with nurture."
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