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Thread: Chapter 7.3: Another Trek Below

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    As Ult finishes his push-ups and Kalthanar and Brandon are debating leaving, Ult pulls himself to his knees. He had already concealed the vial of poison as he quietly comments, "If this is a trick, Sirrion's wrath will be fierce." He adds, "The whole dam doesn't need to break - you only need a steady stream of water to get through. Also, if I can't draw the High Priestess away, kill as many blind drow as possible before engaging her. May the Flowing Flame be with us."

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    Kalthanar asks, "Why are those drow blind? What is special about them?"

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    Ult says, "They have willingly given themselves to the Dark Queen. The High Priestess has claimed their sight and used that to empower herself. Her magical mace, Midnight, permits it. Even unwilling people hit by her mace are blinded."

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    Ult says, "They are no direct threat. Their eyes, while present, are dead and lifeless. They are usually at the bathhouse, as they can't do much else."

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