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Thread: Chapter 7.3: Another Trek Below

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    OOC: I believe you require one more stealth roll from me.

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    Hrothgar waits in the dark as Kal and Brandon conduct another trip in order to contact this Ult person. He finds himself leaning against a nearby tunnel wall, and resting quietly. His eyes closed and listening for anything that might sound as if it was approaching. It frustrates him to be next to useless in this endeavor so far, but as a warrior of his Clan, he knows that sometimes one must be patient in order to reap the rewards of battle.
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    Brandon and Kalthanar do one last trip, this time going invisible together. With Vort’s help to walk on water, they duo descend the normally slick stream down to the bathhouse area. Brandon almost slips and falls, but as luck would have it, he catches himself on a loose rock to avoid tumbling downward and possibly alerting the drow. There are around 10 drow in the building, as well as one ogre, who barely fits in the bathhouse. Kalthanar notes that several of the drow elderly males appear blind, just as before.

    As they move onward, they pass by the ominous temple of Takhisis. They note in the distance that the High Priestess is visible through the open doors of the temple, giving some kind of sermon to the others. Although her mace is by her side, Kalthanar notes that she no longer wears the circlet. They do not pass close enough to hear the sermon of the Dark Queen, but it appears that there are at least 20 drow in the temple, possibly more, during the service.

    Brandon keeps his hand on Kalthanar’s shoulder as the group passes by the Butcher’s house. Although sounds of movement are heard inside, there are no screams this time. Kalthanar hopes that this is a good sign as they continue onward, past the central guarded area and into the agricultural area.

    Kalthanar notes the same priestess keeping watch on the area, approximately 10 yards from the entrance to the only “room” left of what was once a temple. The priestess’s expression is a mixture of displeasure and boredom, and she scans the area looking for a target to take out her frustrations on. She doesn’t find an obvious target, and continues playing with her whip while scanning the area. At least a dozen drow are quietly tending to the crops in the room, none of them looking near the temple or the priestess.

    Kalthanar and Brandon carefully approach the temple from the side. Inside, the same muscled drow in the chain shirt is doing pushups. He grunts and sweats at the exertion as he focuses on his task. Kalthanar notices nothing else different other than his curved short swords are leaning against one wall rather than being strapped to his belt.

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    Without revealing himself, Brandon quietly whispers in the best Elvish he can muster, “Ult, the Sentinels of Alliance have come to ask for your help in saving the prisoners and stopping whatever madness is occurring down here. We know you and others are planning something yourselves, and we want to join forces with you to stop the spread of evil. Although you cannot see us, you CAN trust us.”

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    Ult is startled from his workout and pauses at hearing Brandon speak. His pause is momentary before he continues on. Upon finishing a few more pushups, he stops and pushes himself up to his knees, looking around at nothing. He says nothing for several minutes as he kneels in thought.

    Finally, he rises and calls for the priestes of Takhisis, "Gwentha!" Brandon and Kalthanar are starting to believe that their plan is about to go horribly wrong. The priestess seems surprised as she turns to face the drow.

    He finishes, "I'll take that meal now."

    She looks him over for a few minutes before frowning. She seems about to question him and calls to one of the nearby workers, trying to get his attention.

    Her attention elsewhere, he turns his back to the priestess and kneels on the group, perhaps so that she can't see him talking to no one. Ult whispers a reply to no one in particular, "I know that accent. How do I know this isn't a trick? You don't need me to do what you need to do."

    The group has some time to talk freely with the priestess momentarily distracted.

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    “We need to send a message,” answers Kalthanar. “The Dark Queen’s forces must suffer a grievous loss - escaped prisoners aside. We can accomplish this together.”

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    Brandon is confused by Ult's response, trying to figure out when and where the drow could have heard him speaking elvish before. "You want to save your kin from the Butcher, and we want to rescue the Pathfinders from the same grizzly fate."

    (OOC: Sorry I'm having trouble trying to figure out where we've ran into Ult before... Can I roll an Insight check or something?)

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    OOC: he recognizes the accent as in a British accent. He doesn't recognize Brandon's exact voice.

    With the priestess temporarily distracted, he comments, "Your time draws short. They will have no need for the prisoners soon. Takhisis will not free them even if she gets what she wants. You know this, or you wouldn't be here.

    The priest admits, "What is left of my flock is scattered and broken, and I am virtually powerless now. Still..."

    He says, "I don't know how much I can trust you, but what I tell you isn't something that my enemies don't already know. The Butcher must die. I am powerless against him, and he has something that belongs to me. We can work out the details, but..." he licks his lips knowing they don't have much time to make an agreement. He is still hesitant to relay much information. "I can greatly aid you outside the Butcher." His mind is spinning with a plan, but he hesitates to hear with his invisible potential allies say.

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    “Of course,” replies Kalthanar, “the Butcher must die. I hoped to find a weakness. Fire seems the obvious choice. As I said, a message must be sent. Their enforcer is a start.”

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