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    500 years ago the planet Portorbis imploded due to it's elemental gates destabilising. The inhabitants fled to the stars where they found new homes on planets and stations. One such station is Sigma Station, a cobbled together colletion of tubes wobbling around a watery planet. The current owner is Stellar Resource Management Corporation, the 7th or 8th since the station was launched. You at one point crossed SRMC and found yourselves in the overcrowded brig of the station.
    “GET UP!” The voice of the powerful Vesk guard shattered the coughs and whines of the imprisoned. He points his scaly hand at you. “You all. Come with me. Chief wants to see you.”

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    Serana groggily comes to her senses, sliding off her rack she rubs her eyes as she starts following orders, to tired say anything yet

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    Katara had been awake for a while now, and with nothing to do had decided on doing some excersices to keep in shape. Heis single good eye staring at the guard for a moment before nodding and following after the guard.

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    Louis was is a lotus pose, cleansing his soul and readying himself for the moment. The road here was long and perilous. Full of joy and sorrow like all great journeys. Louis was an optimist and he viewed his current situation as a bump in the road. One that had started with promise and whose destination, while unknown, was getting closer...

    When the guard commanded, Louis unfolded h8 self and smiled as they were led away. He knew his companions not, but the elder had promised him that he would find friends along the way...


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