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Thread: Out of Character Thread

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    Default Out of Character Thread

    Here's the Out of Character thread

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    Okay to post IC? Having trouble with Mythweavers and char sheet. Will post soon.

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    sorry for not posting! I have had my hands full with christmas/newyears/coming back to school. I will have two or three more days of shaky posting before I get unto a real stable schedule

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    Dude, I posted. I'm waiting on you guys to respond to the opening post. I thought everyone had ditched the game.

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    Sorry about that, thought you were still waiting on the few others in the recruiting thread and didn't realize this was up.

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    I am truly sorry and apologize to everyone. Just got back on after two weeks. Site asked me to log in again and I could not do so. My firm website blocks the tangled web and my iPad won’t give me the forgot password link. Once again I apologize as I had to borrow a friends computer to reset my password. I promise a IC post in the next few minutes and a char sheet by the end of Wed. Work is crazy with my boss going out or the country then for three weeks.


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